Friday, August 31, 2012

Beware Of My Visits

Voice of a Village Girl was quiet for last few weeks. It doesn’t mean that I never posted here. Though I used to post in this blog, I did not respond or care the comments, feedback, traffic etc. Yesterday when I visited this blog, I felt so bad for leaving my first and favorite blog like this. Village Girl had a glorious past with so much of people pouring remarks and coming in search of unique topics. Even if I started a Malayalam blog, I must not have betrayed my first love mercilessly.

I cannot expect people to check my blog unless I read and comment on their blog. For past two days, I went through some of the works of bloggers whom I follow. I admit that I missed many of their fine works for no reason. One can be a good blogger only if he/she is a nice reader of others' works apart from being a writer.

I have no particular excuse to give for stepping back from blogosphere. Life is as usual with writing articles for companies and nagging people on social networks. In fact, my social network has nowadays confined to Facebook as I’d see the bloggers groups in FB are so powerful.

I saw many changes in my life style in these self realization days. From an emotional creature, I’ve turned to a human being who is forced (although I enjoy this pressure) to imagine so much and letter those thoughts. Now I have no time to go behind emotions. I am sure many of my friends will be relieved to hear my change.

There is no use in blabbering about past. Here I am back as a blogger. From today onwards, you can expect my visits in your blog. Beware!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sediment Thoughts

Sharp and uncontrolled

Words and thoughts

Make me scared of myself

And yet I letter!

Each morning

I have to scribble.

Every night

I’ve to settle down!

Why to type letters

I never understand.

What I wrote then

At times I don’t know.

Under the fan

I try to sleep tight.

But I need to wait

Till my mind sediments!

Body is fine and fit

With a tired brain!

Ideas and phrases

Still float like bubbles!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Independence Day

"India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters.
I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.
I shall always strive to be worthy of it.
I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy.
To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well being and prosperity alone, lies my happiness."

Say the Indian National Pledge aloud...! Be proud of your country no matter which state, religion or gender you belong. There is no other country like India with so many unique features. Cheering for your country should never end after a cricket game or Olympics. The spirit that you are an Indian should be there in your mind always. Happy Independence Day to all Indians!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Two Thoughts With Me Inside

Thanks to Electricity Board and Telecom Service, I live here in darkness and complete isolation. The virtual world used to give me an existence that I always wished to live in! At home, when my parents go to office in the morning and my brother goes to college I remain all alone. I cannot say my home is completely empty since there is a maid who is busy with her works and gossiping. She joined my grandma’s house at the age of 13 and at present she is almost a part of our family. Because of the freedom given, she set rules in my house which others follow without hesitation.

She keeps asking about each and every minute objects at home. When I try to take something from the store room, she comes rushing to enquire what I am doing there! Earlier in my childhood days I was scared to go to our kitchen. She will be there around to check my movements. Although later I recognized her shouting was for my safety, kitchen became a matter of fear for me. I could get over this fright only recently. Now I am comfortable to work in kitchen as I know I can reply back to her in the same tone. Yet she is the ruler at my home even now.

Yet I know she is the only creature with whom I can talk in the day time. Being a member of orthodox Brahmin family, so many restrictions bind me. Even if I break that and talk to the neighbors, they withdraw themselves from interacting with me as it is what they were forced to practice for centuries. I’ve always dreamed of a life without religion or gender difference. Every thought of mine ends up in gender difference these days. My brothers are going for a tour this weekend without me for a simple reason that I am a female. Except in the metros, India is still a country where you can go for a picnic with same genders unless it is a family trip. And mostly girls do not go for excursions because every parent fears the so called security of females.

Even while I know everything cannot be changed in one day, scribbling my thoughts give me a relief. Writing is my refreshment; in fact that is the only thing for me to unwind these days! Now I am relieved and so let me get back to my work of writing travel articles. Though it is a part of my earning, I like it because at least through words I can travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth without a female label.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

In To In-Law

The only thing that never stays static in the universe is life. Even if you feel all the days are alike with same routines, a close observation will let you know the difference in each moment. I am a person who always loves to cherish memories. Many times I do activities just because I can count it as one of my most wonderful memoirs later on.

When it comes to life, recollections will remain in our minds unless you suffer from dementia. Even then there are some incidences that may not vanish from the minds. My grandma who died 4 years back after struggling with Alzheimer’s disease used to speak about her childhood, schooling and peculiarities of her own house. Her narration in spite of the memory loss was a matter of amusement for her children and grandchildren including me. Later when I analyzed the fact, I could conclude that she had to give up her role as a girl in her early days of teenage after marriage and was forced to transform herself into a perfect housewife. She really missed her childhood and the only treasure she had from her home was a bunch of nostalgic memories.

Another shocking incident which I faced a few days back is when one of my friend’s husband called me just to confirm that I am a female. It seems he used to check her mobile and the SMS inbox. Once when he found my forward messages, he called me to make sure I am not her boy friend. Moreover he did not like her friendship with me because I belong to another religion. Although this may sound funny to read, it is a very serious issue. At least in today’s world no one will choose friends based on gender or religion. Friendship and love has clear borders. Those husbands who believe all the men their wives interact with are/were their boyfriends should be called fools.

I studied my graduation in a mixed college in a rural area where there was no difference or restriction in interacting with other gender. None of the teachers or parents was suspicious. In fact I feel the freedom given there made me feel both men and women can be good friends. I did my post graduation in a very famous university in India. However there were so many limitations in communication which I consider as real stupidity. Even talking to your brother is treated as sin! So my friend about whom I spoke in the previous paragraph studied with me in graduation. Days of friendship were so colorful there.

Today I cannot talk to her just because she is married. Losing a very close friend is a tough thing. Though I have many other friends to interact, the thoughts about her life make me sick. She is a fun loving girl (or should I call her a lady now!) who talk to all human beings. Bear all the pain for a contented marriage life is what is taught in India! Now she has to make herself a silent creature for the sake of a pleasant family life.

Image Courtesy: Sarath

In our country, majority of the girls have to give up many of their dearest things after her marriage. A home where she was cared a lot by her parents, siblings and other family members… Her dolls, teddies, gardens and little gifts from her friends! She adopts your family and calls your parents as hers without hesitation.

Marriage doesn’t give you the right to own your wife. She might have a lovely family, a colorful gang of friends and a few wonderful memories which you can never erase from her mind. Your image in her mind will be that of a villain if you try to restrict her individuality with your brainless rules and doubts. Such reminiscence should be valued and cared. Only then there is a point in your identity as a human!

My friend’s case was a strong blow for me which made me write again!

There is no need to read this in a feminist angle as I know a few men

Who also go through the same situation.