Monday, March 4, 2013

Creative Blogger Awards

Choosing a couple of blogs from the blogosphere is a tough task. The same reason stopped me from writing “blogger award” posts. But now, one of the cute little blogger friends have gifted me a creative blogger award. Her post compels me to nominate Creative Bloggers from my side.

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the Blogger and link back to the blog
2. a. Three things about yourself
    b. Two things People don't know about you
    c. One thing you want to change about yourself
3. Answer the questions asked by the blogger
4. Nominate this award to the deserving blogs. Pass it on.
5. Ask some questions to the bloggers who got nominated

Firstly, I thank Anjali Kumar for giving me the award. I like her blog very much as I could find an innocence as well as liveliness in her writing. She says, “You are one of them who always encourage me with your words”. The realization that I am able to give confidence to her in spite of my very little knowledge in blogging makes me happy.

Then three things about myself:

  • I like simple life and easy thoughts
  • Blogging is my passion, a part of my identity
  • I am a girl who like fancy ornaments especially earrings and bangles

Two things People don't know about me:

  • Over caring and at times sensitive
  • A little possessive about my dear ones

One thing I want to change about myself:

  • I need to be a bookworm again

Questions asked by the blogger:

1. That small thing which make a curve on your lips: Sight of anything cute
2. That one word which describe your life: Straightforward
3. That one thing which you want to vanish from this world: Inequality of gender
4. Your idea of a perfect life: Live Let Live
5. Most valuable thing in your daily life: Myself

It is time to announce my nominees. Here they are:
Deepak Karthik:         Whatever It Takes
Meenakshi Nautiyal:  Innocent Heart Speaks
Prashanth:                    My Perception
Subhorup Dasgupta:   Subho's Jejune Diet
Saru Singhal:                Words

Now the questions from my side to the nominees:
1. The best thing you love about yourself:
2. Your definition of happiness:
3. One good and bad feature of your country:

I have completed my job. Congrats all the winners. Thanks for supporting me and other fellow bloggers. Have a great blogger life ahead!


  1. Roopa, Thank you so much for passing this recognition on to me! I am totally floored.

  2. Congratulations! I know choosing few blogs is such a difficult job, that's why I'm avoiding such a post.

    Thanks a ton for the award and like you, I am passionate about blogging. Cheers to that!

  3. Aww that is cho chweet!! thanks dear :) and love u :*

  4. woww... perfect :) congrtz dear... :) :) i love the way you write these things... thnx a ton :)

  5. Firstly congrats on getting this award. Hope you win many more awards..:) Thanks a lot roopz, it really feels good when you know that people are appreciating what you are expressing...:) Keep blogging...:)