Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Twilight to Sunlight

How are you?
I am good
How is real you?
No one bother!

Deep inside
Behind covers
I search myself
For all answers!

Eyes with tears
Face with fears
Expect from me,
Not anymore!

Cozy and easy,
Past memories,
Looking at moon,
Walks in twilight!

Moon must go
For a bright day!
Haunt me not
With sweetness!

Let me learn
To face sun rays.
Still I’d remember
My past with smile


  1. ur writing is sooo deep and beautiful... when i read i just imagine myself...n luv ur 1st four line
    its true hows is real you...no one bothers!!!
    keep writing!!!

  2. woww this is yet another awesome work chechii :)
    "still i'd remember
    my past with smile"
    luvd it :)

  3. this is one of ur best poem gal!!! loved it ... way to go!! but just fyi i do bother about the real u more than how are u!!! big teddy bear hug for u!! which reminds me i purchased another new big teddy yesterday!! will click pic and tag u later :) love u!!

    1. Thank you meenz...Ya! Waiting to see ur new teddy!