Friday, October 25, 2013

I Quit

Should I call it an emotional farewell? Well it is indeed! I must say here I quit blogging.
Let this blog stay as a reminiscence of my wonderful past.
If you ask why I stopped scribbling, I have a few answers. But speaking about it is of no use.
There is no chance of a comeback unless some miracles happen.
Thank you for all your love and care. I'll miss you all....


  1. Very Unfair & disappointing this decision, what ever may be the reasons...!! We need that voice from the village !!

  2. it is really hurting for all of us who love your writings! itz just feels sad... i hope you will be back and yes i do believe that miracle will happen! see you till then!

  3. I'm in no position to ask you why or tell you shouldn't quit, for it's you who chose to start writing and so you decide when to stop.
    But then, I'll pray hard for that miracle to happen. We'd miss reading you until then. God Bless.

  4. Will miss yo...with hope that you will return back...

  5. Ammu.. u came into my life with a commitment of never leave me alone.. but u knw wat is it nw! u left..!! tatz ok.. that was need of the hour..i understand.. but ur writings were a consolatioon to me in those times when i am not in touch with u.. now wat !??

    I know u are coming back..

    1. I hate u chechi for not picking up my call :(