Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Again for My Self

The best thing I could do to run away from my self was to stop writing. As my profession demands a few articles from me, I was not able to end scribbling completely. I gave a few news reports. Still, I was happy that my blog was dead. A cruel satisfaction that was!
Later I realized body is completely different from soul.  Whatever my body did, my mind remains unchanged. Similarly now I know how to distinguish ambition from reality. Even if the realism hurts, dreams will let you live peacefully. More than that, I lead a tension-free life today because I don’t fear death. In fact, I admire that ultimate truth!
When I said I’m not writing anymore in blog, the soul within me whispered, “No! You must not quit. There are a few dear ones who wish to read your words.”
I hesitated to listen to those words. I hated the whole world and creatures in it. Later I felt if you believe certain things or activities are eternal, others are just materialistic. Again I took many days to think and evaluate whether I should start blogging.
Attachments to my favorite people have always encouraged and spoiled my ability to letter. When a character enters or leaves the scene, my words are affected. When I realized my wish in this life will remain unmoved, I asked my self if I could write the same way I used to be once. It took a few days to reply. “Go ahead my dear” I found an answer one day.
I am not bothered how many will understand or question what I wrote now. But I am sure that there are people who can read each letter and the spaces in between with utmost care. How far we are or how rarely we contact, that affection makes me move on!


  1. Welcome back dear. Writing is a divine gift and you should never quit. :-)

    Jimmy George

  2. welcome back chechii... your talent is God's gift and never ever doubt on it!! we are waiting to hear more from you!!!

  3. Aw, don't quit....At times, even I have got haunted by these dreaded feelings....but a writer can never get away from his words, now can he :)

  4. I really liked the last few line, great work.