Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine’s Day Thoughts

February 14… A day for lovers and advertisers! Yes, I mean it. More than lovers, it is a date for businessmen to introduce new products and sell in the name of love day. I have seen true love in many people’s words. They just admire their lovers blindly. There were success and failures. Still love is a mystery.

There is a college located next to my home. It seems there are some cultural programs today. I could hear claps and sounds of students. I had a life in my college. Sometimes flashbacks won’t leave you ever!
Valentine’s Day was not much popular in my schooldays. However there were a few couples in my class, when I reached 12th standard. A few of them have ended up in marriage while others broke up.

I still remember two of my classmates running behind two girls with rose flowers on 14th. Four of them belong to my class. There was a guy and girl in our class who fell in love. Both were the heartthrobs of our school. Guy had more fans as he had studied in that school and then only heroine came. Now they are happily married and blessed with a baby girl recently.

Coming to graduation days, there was a guy in our class who tried to propose all girls he saw. It was in those college days, I could see true relationships and pain of break-ups. A couple from my class, who had started their love affair from school days, had to split apart as the girl was forced by her parents to marry another man. This guy couldn’t survive that shock. He became a drunkard and also a part of many political clashes. Once he realized his faults, he had to give up his career and studies. He found another love and married her. But the trials for those political clashes are still going on in courts.

When I watch the video of my college tour, I used to wonder how life has changed. There were many couples in it. Today all I’d hear is ‘the girl is married’! Life and imagination has its limits at times.
Again to Post Graduation days! It was a hi-fi college. Love was a thing to boast. People like me who never found ‘that guy’ was treated like inferiors. Most of the students had more than one lover. Break-ups, new relationships and a few living-together stories were common. I found it terrible and so expect no more descriptions about that college days.

I believe in true love. A relationship that is more than physical or psychological. It must be beyond worldly life. Such ones hardly ever happen!


  1. Relationships are far beyond the body... They do happen too :)
    Liked your writing.

  2. Agreed....we random see the real love now a days...and I am sure this will be the thing of the past after some days.....:-)

  3. Makes me remember my days. These days, it is also fun involvement. Girls just want to gush over that they got rose.