Friday, February 1, 2013

A Homely Year

Exactly one year before, I went to meet a doctor after a severe pain in my knees. Doctor said I’d a ligament dislocation and needs a few months rest. Even though the boss at my previous office allowed me to work from home, I found it hard to do that. Finally, I had to take a tough decision to quit my job and stay back home. From last February, I live in my home without going out much. Although I visit my friends and relatives at times, I spend most of the hours at my own house.

Once I could sit properly, I started to work as a freelance content writer. In addition to that, I lived and died each day on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Indiblogger, what not…! When I realized that sitting idle will make depressed, I never allowed myself to be free except during the sleep.

Here are the positives of one year homely life:

  • Received so many virtual friends even while I kept a distance from those whom I’ve not met directly
  • Read so many fine articles and blog posts
  • Realized social media can be a tool for social work too
  • Became more familiar with blogging and bloggers
  • Peak of boredom lead me to read books
  • De-addicted from the habit of SMSing
  • Tried to develop the skill of leadership by leading a few Facebook groups
  • Started to observe the variations of my surroundings more keenly
  • Watched a few good movies in TV that I’d missed earlier
  • Learned to cook food independently though never call me an expert 

Every subject has two sides. Along with merits, there are some demerits for this homely life too. The following are the negatives:

  • Missing the fun at work along with colleagues
  • Feeling of loneliness when I’m offline
  • Addicted more to internet
  • Boring online life and always long to be offline

There ends the story of advantages and disadvantages of one year. We never know about the future and it always remains as suspense. Me too waiting for the next episode! If it has something special to speak of, check the blog for the updates. Thanks for your love!


  1. Hoping for a positive future for you
    do mention the names of your fb groups
    would love to be a member of such groups

    really a nice motivating read

    1. Thanks for your comment. Most of them are Malayalam Groups. One among them is Malabaris. Here is the link:

    2. nice group but was a closed one
      so was unable to join it

    3. As I said, its a Malayalam group. Typically for North Keralites! Others are also welcome. Send a join request!

  2. i luv this post perfectly pointing down those points and that to short and to the point... May God give you all the happy moments... Just make each and every moment wonderful :)

  3. True feelings displayed in this post. Even I have gone through the circumstances you have but not exactly the same so could connect to it. Every coin has two sides that was displayed in points perfectly by you . Thanks for sharing.

  4. Touching, from bottom of heart, great one. I were been home jobless over 4months and can feel what you feel now. Never mind, "whatever it happens, life has to go on &nothing will hinder strong resolve of a determined mind". Read about 'Wilma Rudolph', will help