Friday, April 19, 2013

Just Another Human

God made me
Just like you all!
I am a human
Just another lady.

I'm not perfect
I've faults too!
Everyone is same
None is superior.

For my each step
I thank dear ones.
If they didn't care
I would be nothing.

When I see needy
I'd lend a hand.
They don't recollect
But I know histories!

You can sleep well
Without any worries!
Yesterdays are safe
Within my thoughts.

When you wake up,
And avoid a helpless,
Remember in mind
You had a dull past!

Never forget past
Nor hands helped!
You're a toddler
Long back once.


  1. mixed feeling for this one dear!!! its good but something is missing in it.. seen better work of urs :)

  2. ഇതൊന്നു മലയാളീകരിക്കാൻ ആരും ഇല്ലേ ???