Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Save God's Own Country

(Image Courtesy: Save Mullaperiyar Dam, Save Kerala Facebòòk Campaign and Facebook)

For the first time, I’m simply copying a few pictures from Internet social networking sites as I’ve no words to explain how horrible the situation is here in Kerala! More than 33million people and 4 districts of Kerala will be washed off making it the biggest tragedy in the world!Let the last two pictures remain as an imagination and never a reality! Save Life, Kerala and Mullaperiyar


  1. God save us all.. and give brains to those stupid ppl... water can still manage how they goin to compensate for the live lost!!

  2. Exactly...What Kerala says take water,give us life

  3. @MEENZ:) watch out your words...
    Regarding the post,
    what we see,hear and speak may be wrong, without a proper research we should not speak for just sake.

    KERALA wants a new dam because, this dam is under the control of TN, if new dam is built, TN will not get enough water, Kerala politicians are making it as a war,

    I accept people safety is FIRST, if i were in a position i would definitely accept to build a new dam, but according to my view, Kerala govt just wants the overall control, thats why sudden revelation..

    SPEAK in a gentle way, all of us are Indian, kerala and Tn is not a separate country, we are dependent on EACH OTHER ! :) smiles !

  4. I am also Copy pasting from Facebook. May be there is no need for panic...

    Bhavadasan Veemboor Kadalayil:
    I watched a gentleman explaining the possibility of failure of Mullaperiyar in a documentary. He explains it saying a dam can fail in two ways, (1) Developing tension (2) EQ force. He vaguely uses some civil Engineering terminology, perhaps, with out knowing what he talks. A retaining structure’s stability is checked (1) against sliding (2) overturning (3) Settlement. Shear force is checked at various levels starting from base to top level for corresponding force of retaining water. Overturning is checked taking moment about toe or heel of all the forces (1) overturning force due to water column (w*h) (2) restoring moment i.e the weight of structure acting through the C.G. and (3) passive Earth pressure acting as a restoring force taken from foundation level to G.L. While designing an adequate factor of safety is assigned. The height of the dam is 54 mts and the base width is 44 mts. If the base width is 2/3 times height the resultant force normally passes through middle third and the structure is safe. NO tension at heel will be developed as the gentleman say. The base width of the dam is 8 mts more than the required. In the event of a severe additional overturning force act equal to m*a. During EQ 33 % of over stressing is permitted. The mode of failure of a frame structure and solid gravity structure has differences. In the event of an EQ many buildings may collapse, but not a gravity structure. In a massive EQ in Gujarat on January 26th 2001, thousands of buildings (mainly frame structure not load bearing) collapsed, many developed cracks, but not a single Dam was affected!. Has Kerala ever recorded building collapse due to EQ in past 1000 years? Who said Hydraulic lime is a bad construction material? True the setting time is more then the OPC. But it can be used on-site just as efficiently as modern cement. Shrinkage cracks in mortar are virtually eliminated due to its hydraulic setting characteristics. This also helps to protect the masonry; there is less risk of salt and frost damage. It has a low modulus of elasticity. This means it is extremely flexible and allows for movement and thermal expansion. If an EQ happen at the bottom of dam, if Idukky and cheruthoni fails, if if if. So gentlemen it is a mass hysteria. Nothing will happen. Sleep well.

  5. Bhavadasan Veemboor Kadalayil
    I forgot to write something more. The gentleman was telling the dam will be unsafe if it overflows. He quoted Machu disaster in Gujarat. He should have known the difference between Earth Dam and Concrete / masonry Dam. An earth dam should never be permitted to overflow, the earthen bund breaches if overblown. Machu was an earth dam. There is absolutely no danger if a solid gravity dam overflows sometimes. The toe of dam is well protected by energy dissipaters

  6. DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) - I didn't know u counted urself in stupid ppl category... I was talking about the ones who are deciding over der to think in right manner.. and ya even if the issues is abt they want to have complete control.. its in kerala land and they are not refusing to give water to TN so i dnt see wat is wrong.. and I am more concerned abt ppl lives than property disupute.. so i wud still say god give those stupid ppl brain!!! and I am proud to be indian myslf.. i see no distinction.. and jus fyi if the land goes to kerala or TN i am still goin to get water at my place.. and i still talk coz am concerned abt life.. period!

  7. Life comes first...Then only land and ownership.We need to live.Not only human beings, but also a number of flora and fauna will be washed away!Once everything is washed off,there will not be water or people to fight like this!This is a call for life...Forget whether you belong to Kerala or India...

  8. @Deepak @ Nisha - Kerala govt. has already made it clear that they will provide exactly ther same amount of water which they are providing now. Infact they have given written assurance to the Centre on the same. And for your kind information, it is well within the legal rights of Kerala to decide on the future of the dam. One thing TamilNadu fails to understand is that if a this dam breaks, most parts of TN will run dry. So it is in the best interest of TN also to rebuild the Mullaperiyar dam. And about "sleeping well," why dont you guys go forward with the Koodankulam project then? Why this double standard? If you can trust a 116 year old dam built when the technology was at infancy, why not trust the Koodankulam plant? And if you are citing examples of dam which didn't fail, understand that there are lots of examples of dams which failed too.

  9. @meenz:) i dint count myself in any category, you have to mind your words, when you comment about people in public, everyone have some opinion, we are just speaking with what dailies shows, it might be true or false.
    I just said in common, even if you call me stupid or anyone, i wont bother about it, there is a quality and ethics you should follow, you may be proud to Indian or whatever, i dont care about it,
    YOU GIVE SOME GREAT BRAIN OF YOURS to kerala politicians and tamil politicians, both of those people are concerned for votes.

    Read about that dam, TN has the control over the dam, which is made in an agreement between MADRAS PRESIDENCY AND TRAVANCORE RAJA for 999 years, YOUR KERALA GOVT is upset about the control with TN, for that sake they wanted to build a new dam, which is at other level, PROBLEM IS same amount of water will not be given,ME AND MILLIONS OF TAMILS HAVE NO PROBLEM IN CONSTRUCTING NEW DAM.

    IIT REPORT SAID THAT DAM IS NOT SAFE ABOVE 6 scale of earth quake, previous dam curator says DAM is safe, i dono the real inputs, so i cant comment alike that DONT GO EMOTIONAL WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT IS WHAT... YOU AND ME ARE JUST SPECTATORS AND COMMONERS...

  10. @SHARE:) well what you siad is VERY TRUE :)
    DON'T FORGET KERALA WILL ALSO GET A SHARE IN ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION from KOODANKULAM, if you people want it and finds it safe, why you dint take a film or shout like this ?????

    PROBLEM IS NOT WITH TN AND KERALA, it is with politicians, all of a sudden your politicians wants to divert this in to national issue.

  11. @meenz:) next time when you swear at people, be clear with whom you swear and whom you don't, i dont find any specific ppl there, you just mentioned out there...........

  12. Well, you explained your view, let me explain my view, RIDICULOUS !
    Am an environmentalist and i knew something about dam, AS NISHA said, this is HYSTERIA..

    DAm will not break like kerala puttu, MASS PANIC IS SPREAD BY DAM999 film and chandy government, this is damn ridiculous, you cant just build a new dam, saying this dam will break, need to survey and lot of civil works left, without doing such,, straightly scolding TN is STUPID !

    @meenz: god will save you and save your stupid people too " who just creates panic for building a new dam"

    @nisha: very well explained, please explain this to 100% literacy KERALA, which is shouting in a hysteria and fear for no reason !

  13. @deepak: control, as of i know, DAM is under the control of TN for 999 years as lease, KERALA is worried with that, thats the main reason for spreading this PANIC among people, i believed kerala people will not believe, but they fall in the trap !
    KERALA AND TN is not country, state of INDIA, dont spoil integrity...

  14. @NISHA; well said friend, please explain this to educated people, they think that they know everything and just scolding at TN, i believe that you are from kerala and with a comment from people like you in kerala, scientiffically that dam is safe

  15. Roopa,
    You have opened a can of worms:-)

    To all, I too am a layman. And a Malayali who loves her state as much as any Malayali, if not more. The comment I posted was made by one of my relatives (a retired civil engineer) when I posted a save Kerala poster on my wall in FB. After reading the comment, I am convinced that there is no need for utter panic. I trust his judgement.

    And let us not stoop low to blame each other in name of states or other differences. There are many issues that has to be solved. Lives are important and so is water. I agree that if a disaster occurs, both our states will be affected, no doubt about it. And our screaming at each other will not solve this (or any other) issue. Politics and politicians often lack the farsightedness that is required in dealing with sensitive issues. Sensationalism is the trend today...

    All of us have a right to opinion. It is not necessary that we all agree on everything. But, it would be nice if we try to understand the other person's view point and be civil.

  16. @nisha, vidya n deepak: May be the disaster wont happen.But who can assure it that a dam built just for 50 years (that now survived more than 100 years) will remain for next 800 years, ie till the agreement is completed?

    @deepak: Don't conclude meenz is a Keralite by just seeing her comments.The truth is this issue is not going to affect her directly.She just said what she felt.

  17. @deepak @Nisha @Vidhya - If Mullaperitar issue is only a hysteria, then so is Koodankulam. And we dont need a film to make us realize the danger and fight for our lives. Mullaperiyar may be a political issue for Jayalalita and Karunanidhi, but it is a question of life and death for us. And unlike koodankulam, where even tamil ppl are divided on the issue, whole Kerala is united in this issue.

  18. I found the article on Wikipedia on the issue quite informative. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mullaperiyar_Dam
    As it can be observed, it is the lack of goodwill and the greater good of humanity that has taken this matter this far. Both the state govts are at fault.

    And I chose to share the opinion of Mr Bhavadasan, in this regard, because I felt there was a lot of panic going on. On seeing the posters and all, one had the impression that the dam will break 'now'. Perhaps if people know that there is no immediate danger, the panic could be avoided. That doesn't mean that there is no danger at all.

    And yes, a new dam needs to be built. The sooner, the better - as it would bring relief to millions of people. If petty politics and short sighted solutions are put aside and the general well being of public is emphasized, then this issue can be solved in no time.

    @Mr. Share: I understand and respect your sentiments fully. And i am glad that we all are standing up for something worthwhile this time. I know that you are infuriated by reading the comment I shared here earlier. Please understand that the intention was good, and not to offend anyone's feelings.
    I was also worried about the dam's safety, and that is why I turned to a person, who was qualified enough to tell me about it. I was convinced, and so I thought may be I could help others too. That is all... BTW, how many of us have actually talked to an expert in this regard and tried to find out the real immediate threat than jumping the bandwagon? In spite of all these, if any of you are offended by anything that I've written here, my apologies.

    PS:I have nothing to do with Koodankulam project - I don't know the abcd of it. So, it would be nice if you kept me out of it.

  19. Thank you for posting such a sensitive issue.
    I have to admit that I was much more interested in the comments. They revealed the nature of the people who wrote them.
    I too have posted on the same topic.
    Please visit when you have time.

  20. bloody tamilians who go beyond stupid film actors and build temples for them what is ur eligibility to speak all this idiot fellows who fall in the legs of jayalalitha and suck her chappals stolen 100000 crores from our nations walth by ur leadera kanimozhi and raja go to hell "tamil nadu waste box of india"

  21. Once I had respect for the tamilians.. I supported them when the Cauvery issue came out..

    And Now.. Thanks!!

  22. I am really saddened to see here again people who are powerless in this country are fighting over statements made my politicians. We are fighting here because KErala news is tellin them the kerala story and tamil news showing them a different storry. So, i dont know why we have to fight wach other rather than the government;s which lie to us so frequently, if educated are fighting with words with no thought, then think of un educated. Guys we no answer for this discussions, both sides of the(politicians) state as different version. I say why not wait for that one body thats still true in our country the "supreme court" to make the final call.

  23. I would like to add one more thing think just once. we are left to talk from details provided by face book, which any genius can post, please people use RTI act or demand info from respective governments. Please dont hate your neighbors, they have experienced what you just speak of (Tsunami). Will, a person who experienced such a tragedy ever be against protecting yourself from one. GOD SAVE INDIA.

  24. let me tell u all something...i think.,.,.,..it's just follish of u all to fight.like this.nothins going to happen if u fight with each other.tamil people have their own views and malayalis have their own views too.bt the thing is when the dam collapses it'll affect both of us n can anyone who's sayin the dam will nt collapse can aassure me of it
    Fashion frenzy game?if it happrns it has happened.,.nobody can change it.so after all this happenings even if u apologize too.the dam will not rebuild itself.we assure u tamilian dat we will still give u water after building a new dam.first care abt ur lives.

  25. A simple solution : No New DAM

    INSTEAD of kerala storing water for TN , Let TN store the water .

    Lay penstock pipes that carry water from the ground level of the mullaiperyar dam to erachipalem then to the existing pipeline to TN .

    So kerala does not want to store water . The current waterlevel is 136 feet . This level will come down to just 50 foot then . So no danger of dam burst and Lot of forest cover can be regained in kerala part .

    3 dist of Tamil is surveying on kerala 's mercy so lets all unite for a good cause.

    Meanwhile Tamil Nadu ppl .. Respect every keralites ..Because of their mercy only ppl in TN are drinking water .

    Keralites - be proud that you are helping your neighbour .