Friday, October 21, 2011

A Letter To My Sis

Dear Sissy,

Just two days! After that you are going to get married. I wonder how fast the time has moved… from two little toddlers we have now become two grown up girls. We never called ourselves cousins, we are sisters. Not just sisters, our family treated us as twins. Our names are always spelt together.

We grew up like twins only. We used to wear same type of dress until I grew a little plump. Still, we wear same colored dresses for functions. People think we planned it before to wear matching colored costumes. Many times even we were puzzled!

Still you introduced me to your friends as your best friend. Yeah! Actually almighty created us to be close friends. Holding each others hands, we learned how to walk! You were always concerned about me. In fact other brothers and sisters are little jealous about that extra care you had on me.

We never hugged each other! Whenever you tried to be close with me, I moved away thinking we never had a good chemistry. Now I realize there is a strong bonding between us. Even when I reject it, God is offering more and more similarities for us. Many of these may not be noticed or recognized! Sometimes, I’m scared of this likeness in anything and everything…

After twenty years, our family is going to celebrate a marriage function. We enjoyed all festivals and vacations for past twenty four years together. Here after it won’t be so… You will be in your own world with too many responsibilities. That’s life, it won’t remain idle. It should move on!

Wishing you and your hubby a very happy married life! Wherever you are, may God bless you to carry out your duties now as a good wife, later a sweet mother and in future a cute grand ma!

With lots of love,