Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Waiting For A Fall And Rise

Each and every leaf in me

Danced once…

Each and every flower in me

Bloomed once…

Spring, Autumn, Winter

Cycle goes on and on!

Now it is harsh summer,

Everything has dried up!

I can’t wait for winter,

I can’t freeze myself!

I can’t wait for the spring,

I’m too old to dream.

Though I love rain

As I can hide my tears,

I won’t stay till next shower

As I’ll be uprooted soon!

Summer loves me,

Squeezed my energy,

Let me fall and die

And get ready for next birth!


  1. i liked the thoughts ... nice read ... and good photo to supplement ...

  2. Wonderful... Again you hav proved that u r a gud poet.. liked d way u expressed the thought, nice imagery.. and gud picture supplement also.. Really gud...hav bcom a fan of u.. keep writting...

  3. Yeah,your encouragement can help me to write more...
    Thanks Swetha...

  4. I Remember That Tree from Rithu Movie! Gud one Roopa.. :)

  5. Yeah it has to go on and on till the cycle stops itself

  6. Beautifully written roopz :) Thanks for sharing!!

  7. You're never ever ever too old to dreams Roopechi.