Sunday, December 25, 2011

Another Side

“To reduce your fat, you should…” When my friend started advising me, I neither listened nor argued. I’ve been trying everything from yoga, dieting, swimming, gym workouts, walking etc etc. Nothing found to be so effective for me. Once I realized it is not fully my fault, I am not much worried about this.

Let people say whatever they want, why should I waste my energy convincing the real fact! My best friends who know me well know the reason. May be to make me happy, they gave me a very sweet name, TEDDY BEAR! Well, some of my friends used to tell me ‘teddy will never look cute when it is slim’…

World looks at you like an unusual creature if you are a little fat or plump. Even if you are obese because of health, hereditary or hormonal problems, you still belong to an ‘over eating’ category. Again, the world of fashion is framed for slim beauties. I wonder why designers never see that there is a group of people who cannot fit into these costumes! The word ‘beauty’ seems to be a synonym for slim these days.

It is believed that a person to be perfect, he/she should be fair, tall and slim! There are a number of guys or girls who go behind these three aspects. If any of these elements is lacking, they are teased to the maximum. So they struggle to maintain zero size and try all the fairness cream. Because of unscientific dieting, many have lost their lives after suffering from serious illnesses!

God has created us in different shapes and sizes. No two individuals can have same structure. You may be fat, slim, fair, dark, tall or short. Every individual has his/her own identity. It is not the physical facet that makes you a human. Ultimately, your words and behavior determines the humanity in you! If you need to be appreciated, you should have an attitude to respect and encourage the fellowmen around you.


  1. totally agree with you. well said.

  2. I am in the other end. Skinny. Let me tell you, it is not that great either.

  3. @factsandnonsense: Thanks
    @The Narcissist: It is also hard if you are too thin.Still not hard like us :)

  4. 1. u are my teddy bear not coz i want to make u happy.. but u are person i wud rush to hug and feel better jus like wen u feel down u hug ur teddy so the name for u :)
    2. i always believe ppl who are obese as u say are the ones who eat very less... and i have been witness of it and u on the other hand saw me looked like will blow away wid wind ended up eating forever :D
    3. me not tall at all and it makes no difference ... and no1 any longer feel person has to be tall, fair and slim... believe me guys like short gals coz they won't want gal lookin taller than him and they are not great at heights too.. so it works both way :)

    In short no1 really cares anymore... every1 is perfect in their own way... only one who thinks are shallow ppl not worth considering abt anyways :) (sorry for such long comment.. dnt doze off in btwn :P)

  5. I don't mind if you make it long again :)

  6. subhorup dasgupta : Thanks for the comment. But I am not speaking about normal obesity!

  7. Majority of the gals in dis world are 'Converted Beautiful' not born beautiful :D Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder!!! Inner beauty of the heart & soul matters not the Physical facet!! Keep Smiling!! Be What You Are!!!!!!

  8. @ jabir: I'm always Happy...
    You can always see me smiling Anonymous :)

  9. was about to hit gym next week.. your post gave second thoughts. or is it that I was just looking for a reason ;)
    blog walking here. good post.

  10. really dint knw ur ths gr8 with words....nyway amazing....