Monday, December 19, 2011

To The Tusker Of Ettimadai

My Dear Elephant Hill,

On 14th May 2010, when I stepped down from Amrita, you are one of the very few special things I felt I’m going to miss!!! While my car moved from Gargi Bhavan, I turned back to you to say a good-bye. Though such glances are never new for you and happen every year, were you a little gloomy that day? I felt, you simply covered yourself with clouds in order to avoid my gaze!

You always stood like a ‘rock’ and taught me not to be too emotional anytime. I can never call you a beautiful hill compared to other hills around the campus. Still, you have a power to enchant anyone. Similarly, the tusker shape in you made us stare at you with wonder! You were scary at times with winds hauling all over reminding us of all horror movies.

Sometimes you were covered with fog; otherwise cloudy. Often I’d seen thin strips of water flowing down from you giving me a feeling that you were crying. There were days when you look so fresh under crystal clear sky! Were you really reflecting my feelings?

I spoke to you in silence for hours during those two years. You saw me happy, sad, angry, sick and blushing! You gave me company when I felt lonely… When I look at you with a dull face, you consoled me saying, “Be happy! Even I’m all alone; but I keep enjoying the seasonal changes and my friendships with fog and snow.”

The whole nature around you is simply awesome. Apart from the natural splendor, the campus is also rich with gardens, lawns and trees. In spite of all these beauties nearby, you stand as the ultimate king there. Truly as the landmark of Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham!

My love for you will remain forever… When my brother who is studying in Coimbatore comes home, I used to ask him about you. Also, my juniors there used to tell me about you. I know you still remain as the heartthrob of thousands of Amritians of Planet Ettimadai. There might be many writing, dreaming and speaking all about you. As always, let you be the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they think of Ettimadai in future too!

Missing you,



  1. Lovely post- I have always been enchanted by the hills at Ettimadai on my drive to kochi - the western gusts in all its glory with the rain laden kissing these mountains- indeed a sight to behold, I liked the way you juxtaposed your feelings with nature!

  2. Thanks dear...Nice to know there are many who are in love with this elephant hill :)

  3. u can never get over it .. can u??!!! its lovely post btw... reminded me of times we used to keep lookin at it and i shared dat frenzy of urs for countless hours you would keep talking about it.. miss it all :)

  4. Hahaha...You are the one may be who suffered the most because of my love for this elephant hill!

  5. hey this is one cool post. apologies, i m not good with words, just wanted to say that i loved it. something to recommend to those who look for nice posts.

  6. Wow...Thanks so much for this lovely comment :)

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  8. good one. First time reading something like a 'tribute' about a mountain.

  9. @readitt... Yeah I too felt I've to make my title search engine friendly. Still I fear it may loose the beauty!

    @joshi...Thank you :)

  10. WoW Wonderful blog!!! i wonder how you write such a mindblowing article!!! Best Wishes!!!

  11. In one word, By God's Grace...
    Thank you so much Nishad for your comment :)