Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Call For A Spring

Hugging my pillow tight,

Roaming in my dreams,

Under my red blanket,

I sleep quietly with a smile!

Every day I open my eyes,

To see a colorful spring!

Every day it is a fresh wish,

To be a part of better life!

Cold and freezing,

My body and soul,

Scorching climate,

It is still the winter!

When will the flowers bloom?

When will the birds sing?

When can I dance?

When can I wake up?

Oh my dear spring!

Can you hear me?

I’m counting days,

I’m waiting for you!

My excitement is on the peak,

My energy has gone high!

Why am I so wondered?

Why am I so lively?

I know spring will be here soon,

I also known it won’t remain long!

It has to leave me alone,

For a harsh and dry summer!