Thursday, March 24, 2011

Five Star: The Sweetest

Finally I’d manage to step into that fully crowded bus. Apart from getting rid of hot sun, sitting under air conditioner, writing so many articles and submitting it in many wonderful social sites; what attracts me in my office is the bonding between colleagues. In fact, I hate to call them my colleagues-they are my very close friends. Oh! I’m about to reach the bus stop named City Stand where I’d to get down. I still wonder how come that place got such a name! On my way to office, I never miss to give a glance to Amrita TV’s bureau. I’d done internship there for fifteen days. From there, I got a group of wonderful media friends who are still in touch with me. Walking all the way, I reached my office. As uncle, our boss’ dad, used to say our company is a small family. There are only five employees- three females and two males. Being the youngest, I’m their pet I guess!

When I entered, as usual, Roshna has come. She is a very talented girl whose boldness I admire very much. She comes to the office first. She is too helpful, friendly and hardworking. She sings well and plays music in a very high volume. So we call her the DJ of our company. In the initial days, I thought she had a little head weight. But now, she is almost like my elder sister whom I can tell anything. Here comes Amith, the guy with whom I always keep fighting. He is very sweet and lovable friend. Whenever we both fight, others ask us to stop quarrelling. But once we stop, they wonder how we became friends. Another interesting thing about me and Amith is that we haven’t talked even a single word in the first week when I joined. He plays guitar and because of his talent, our boss has gifted Amit his own guitar.

“Goooood Mooorning”….Yeah! That is Basabi, our manager. She comes carrying her laptop bag that is too big for her size. With hands full of colorful bangles and trendy earrings, she is an amazing creature. Her life story is almost like Chetan Bhagat’s Two States. She is a Bengali and her husband is a Tamilian. One of my colleagues gave her hubby a name, Rajappan; just to irritate her. But now it has ended up in such a way that she also addresses him so, while talking to us. As soon as she came, she started describing about the scooty she is going to buy. Every day, we hear the same story. Still it is nice to listen to her stories. Amith calls me and Basabi as ‘foodies’ as if he never ate anything. On the spot, he got a nod on his head from manager saab.

Time is 11pm. The final bird of our nest, Nikhil comes with his usual smile. He is a good friend who has a marvelous sense of humor. He is talks very slowly and many times stops in between saying nothing. He also goes to guitar class with Amith in weekends. So when they come to office, this is their main point of discussion. Nikhil’s main hobby is looking down through the window and explaining us what is going outside.

Article writing, chats through skype, lunch and tea breaks, gossips about Rihanna and music make another day colorful. It is hard even to imagine missing anyone of these four buddies. Our bond is becoming stronger day by day. Some relations are hard to build and hardest to break...


  1. i liked the very part of me having "head weight" :D, anyways keep posting girl..You will have better stories in coming days... Ways to go.. :)

  2. roopa, brilliantly crafted and narrated...was just like revisiting those days all over again... i still remember.. when i first saw you, i asked to amit, this gal is so silent... how come v gonna cope up.. v have to tune her up in our ways and bingo... you were just what we wanted... chubby, jolly and too cute:)) this five star bonding has become so real, that despite many odds, it is the only force that pulls me towards webnamaste... out small nest!!!

  3. hey awesome dear!!! me feelin so happy to see u happy... and sunshine u wont believe dis is the exact words she used to describe her office.. remember roopz u said no1 talks here only thru chats and skype i am going to die here in silence. you wanted to talk so badly then.. u surely have come long way. keep enjoyin and postin.. loved it =D

  4. Well, we got a vivid picture of your office!!! Good to know that you are enjoying your job...

  5. BTW, on reading the title, I thought it was about Cadbury Fivestar :)

  6. Ya Roopa..i too felt like i just went through a day at the office..nice work!

  7. I've always loved your style of writing, it has a very fresh feel and a unique perspective to it. I really enjoyed reading this, but I don't understand why you haven't mentioned Ayesha and Rahul in it! They both deserve a special mention, maybe in your next blog!

    Da Boss!

  8. @RK...Thanks for your wonderful comment.I did not include not only ayesha and rahul, but also shahan.I did it intentionally because these were my experiences in the early days. These people will also be mentioned soon...

    @Roshna...Yes!Hope I will get better stories in the coming days!

    @basabi...I was silent because as meenakshi said, I thought you people are very quiet.Also to create a brilliant first impression

    @meenakshi...Ya!I'm so happy now in this office..

    @nisha...I have put that title intentionally!!!

    @nikhil...Thanks dear

  9. yes it was one brilliant impression indeed!! and will continue the same way through out cutie pie:)

  10. Hmm..Very much...Though this life is also sweet,I miss those days as a fresher in the office :)