Saturday, January 29, 2011

Village Girl In City

I never imagined working in a corporate world. Always I dreamed of running in search of 5 Ws and H. Still my passion for writing made me to choose this role of Social Media Executive. Communication through Skype, no much verbal communication; all these were new to me. But slowly I'd pick up the pace and style of work. Though I've not learned my job fully, I am enjoying this work.
Staying in a house (near railway track) that used to tremble when a train passes by, made me a little scared in my early days. For me in the beginning, city life was something new. In my village, all used to smile at each other. Here no one knows each other. I felt I'm an alien in this place. Still I found the city has not completely turned into a mechanical metro. However the advantage of working in a city especially for a female is that I don't have to restrict from getting out of my house after sunset.
By the way, I’m in Kozhikode (Calicut); a land known for its hospitality. Also this place is famous for Biriyani and Halwa. It is a city where Karnatic music and Ghazals are equally enjoyed. Here, both Baburaj and Muhammad Rafi are admired. Beaches and rivers make the city green. From this city I met a group of journalist who are very down to earth. Above all, it is the land where this village girl started her city life...