Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Made For Each Other

On her engagement day, in her bridal costume, she appeared awesome. I still can’t believe she is engaged now. It was then I realized how things have changed over years. For our family, I and Alaka constituted their world for many years. As kids, we made their days alive. We lived like princesses in our kingdom. I’d quoted several times; Alaka is never spelled without Roopa.

Together we learned how to walk… We grew up together caring each other. I love her nature and attitude. She says she admires my sense of humor a lot. Still she appears mysterious many times which always make me puzzled.

Though our wavelengths in character are different, we share a good chemistry. Many times we used to wonder, how we end up wearing same color dresses while attending functions. Even on her engagement day, we had outfits of similar shades.

On Sunday, she was holding my hand for the entire day saying, “Please stay with me. I’m little tensed to face the crowd in this role”. It had a similar tone of what she used to tell me when we were kids, “Never leave my hand. If you do, we both will be scared to walk all alone”…

(When her brother asked me to write about my cousin sister’s engagement function, I was really confused what to post on that. But he told me, “I’m sure you’ll get some snatches to scribble.”… Thanks brother for pressing me to write!)


  1. Alaka will b playin dis role after sumtym... congrats to her from my side!!

  2. And meenz,the pic above is our real pic only

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