Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Exclusive and Controversial

I’d seen no girl crazier than a female from Kannur. I’m sure it is not only my opinion, but all my batch mates and the whole department of Amrita School of Communication will agree with me. And we happened to be together for the entire two years of our post graduation. May be that is the reason why one of my friend asked me to post something about this girl.

As I told to Meenakshi, a span of two years was more than enough for me to narrate about that character. If we had done some five year course, I’d have gone mad like her. She says I can’t conclude it in a blog post. Instead, according to her, I should write a thesis.

Well to start with the Kannur girl, she is very bold. I appreciate her courage. But I should also admit that she never look around when she choose her way. And most of the times she would end up in half way either because she lost the interest or she must have found something new to follow. To make her understand is hard.

In the beginning, she gave an impression as a girl who loves loneliness. Later she changed. She had a name, ‘the controversial queen of ASCOM’. Almost all her research topics were rejected by teachers as they find it too hot to handle. She plays veena very well and writes lovely Malayalam poems. However now she is not interested in writing poems and her laziness had made her veena rusty.

She is very caring, especially to those who are ‘depressed’. Many times she would end up taking me to hostel terrace and holding my hands, she’d ask, ‘what will I do with her’. I’d simply smile at her from which she will recognize it is the after effect of her unnecessary sympathy towards them that creates all the scenes.

She is also famous for doubt-clearing. Her doubts include not only academics, but also regarding her friends’ personal problems. Those innocent doubts usually end up in a big clash. When we both try a new food item, surely it’ll be a flop. Testing black olive and current ended up in a disaster.

She handles camera very well. She is the only one who took TV Production and News in our batch because of her passion to work with video cams. Camera is her most beloved buddy. When she gets a pd-170 cam, she won’t allow anyone else to touch it. This love of her has made me and our other TV news team member to raise our voice during our shoots.

She would throw all the shooting accessories aimlessly and also forgets to return back which always make our media coordinator angry. Whenever she enters editing room, he’ll start shouting at her for one or other reason. When I saw his scrap in her orkut profile wishing her on New Year, it brought a smile on my face.

From someone or other, I’ll get the news that she is alive and fine at home.Very often, she calls me at midnight simply to ask whether I’m fine. You can't expect her as a friend who daily rings or texts you. Her latest news is she left two jobs just because she felt like quitting. When we heard the news, all my friends in one voice said “gone case”.

Still that idiot is a close friend of mine. I miss her advices, our talks from hostel terrace, night canteen sessions, outings and TV news works. She has an amazing sense of humor which gave me the courage to write this post too.

(Thanks my dear friends especially Shahista for suggesting this topic. I expect sincere comments from all. Hope I’ll be able to reply if the heroine didn’t kill me.)


  1. haha :D good job gal.. am proud of u!!! though der were too many things to b added but the gist was also awsum!!! she is missed the most... i still miss her late night and early balcony visit searchin for food in my room... too many memories ♥

  2. hey good one ya...i have never seen such a particular creature in my lyf.. but i love her a lot..she was der for me wen i was down...n i miss her a lot dese days..

  3. lovely.....DINT kno her much but all those thins u wrote are the ones i kno:)which makes her a special person......