Sunday, January 23, 2011

Secure and Insecure

“Hello, this is ladies seat… get up”, a lady shouted at a man in bus for sitting in seats reserved for ladies. It is sure that the same lady won’t shout at the same man when it is night. After 7pm, in Thrissur bus station, you will rarely see a woman alone without a man accompanying them. “Though it is called the cultural capital of Kerala, the people here are the most culture less” said a college girl from Thrissur. She also added ladies won’t get out of the house after sunset.

For city dwellers, it may sound awkward. But rural folk may well agree with all the situations above. Today females do all sorts of works that a male does; perhaps more. Starting from agriculture till entrepreneurship, ladies are in forefront. However rural ladies have to remain in closed doors when sun dims its light. They have to change into the role of a typical house wife when the male community of the household will be enjoying in the town.

The towns will be fully filled with men at night. They behave as if it is their kingdom. It can also be seen in another way. A fake sense of insecurity drives men. They imagine it is going to demolish their power and woman is going to rule them. Same is the reason what force them to oppose all the steps to empower womankind.

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