Monday, January 10, 2011

Dada Unsold

(The picture above is designed by a Saurav Ganguly fan)

It is so unfortunate that a few veterans remain unsold in IPL Season 4 auction. Among them, it is Ganguly’s case that is widely discussed all over the country. Dada fans blame Kolkata Knight Rider owner Sharukh Khan for leaving out Bengal Tiger. The star’s effigies were burnt by angry Dada fans in Kolkata. “Didn't expect this inhuman treatment towards the great Dada from KKR… Ashamed to have a franchise like that in our city....” says Subhanwit Roy, a native of Kolkata

Many groups have been formed in social networking sites like ‘No Dada No IPL’, ‘We want Dada back as Knight Rider in IPL4’ etc. “Is it right that Saurav, the one who gave a comeback to KKR after Brendon's captaincy should be deserted just because he is retired? Didn’t he score in 3rd IPL...?” comments Showmik Pal.

However Sharukh said he needs Ganguly to be a part of KKR in some other way. He came up with such a comment as he knows it will be tough to play in home ground without the support of Prince of Kolkata.

The cricket world and Dada fans awaits for Sourav’s reaction. As always, he keeps silence because he know that the ultimate victory is for him and his words. Tiger roar only rarely and when it does, it will be a royal one too…

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