Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I believe whenever I note down, the purpose will be completed only if someone reads it and comments. That is the reason why I keep on irritating my friends to read my blog. Now this village girl got more than thirty members as well wishers of my blog. So I know it will be a sin if I don’t mention anything about them.

From my first follower Anoottan till the latest, each and every one stood with me and encouraged to do the best I can. I started a blog just to paste my unedited version of campus journal reports. Soon it became a medium to express what I feel. My style changed in course of time. It also gave me courage to write short poems. When I entered into active blogging, I’d to encounter a few interesting situations from my followers.

As I myself is crazy, it is ‘quiet natural’ that my followers too have the same mindset. There is one friend who is a regular reader of my blog. He suggests interesting topics for me to write. He encouraged me to write more and more poems. He loves to read topics that are controversial. He expects me to scribble something explosive. I’d promised him I’d do it one day. But I’m doubtful whether I could write something that would explode with a big bang. Another girl, whom I inform first when I post something, always makes me happy by posting cute remarks. Then there is a guy who never comments in my blog. Instead he’d text me saying I can do better.

One of my cousins used to check my blog every day morning to read my new posts. My PG friend asked me once to write about the craziest girl of our batch. I couldn’t reject it; but I was happy when the character of that post loved it. My little cousin needs me to write a colorful post with snaps on his sister’s engagement. The function is on coming Sunday and God knows what I could write…

Apart from admirations, I also get criticisms. In fact I value those words more. My English teacher of Peevees School advised me to simplify my words. He feel simple style suits me. Again a friend says I’ve to leave the reporting style while posting an article in my blog. I’ve tried to consider all opinions.

This post is to express my sincere gratitude all those who appreciated, criticized and valued my writings. And I also thank Anees who inspired me to get into the world of ‘blogdom’. I’m grateful to my parents, teachers, friends, batch mates, seniors, juniors, cousins, relatives and all others for being with me. Hope you will listen and accompany the voice of a village girl in coming days too….

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