Friday, February 4, 2011

Most Popular Issue of Campus beats

Campus Beats was a spirit, passion and a matter of pride for MA Communication Second batch of Amrita School of Communication. Our batch made it colorful from the earlier black and white sheets. We can very well say we are credited for the popularity and fame that CB has today. Oh well, Campus Beats is the in-house journal of ASCOM. Reporting, editing and lay out works were done with a festive mood.

However the best memory with CB was something very funny. Are you ready to listen? Yeah! When a Campus Beats issue is released, copies are distributed to all departments and hostels. The scene of crowd reading CB from hostel’s notice board used to make me very emotional. I think other team mates also feel the same.

Once when a CB was out, my friend Sreelakshmi discovered that it is pasted down in notice board and so hostellers may find it hard to read. She instructed the peon to place it properly. Once the peon started taking the pages, warden came and peon had to describe everything. As peon completed narration, warden started shouting at that poor girl. Sree too got her piece of cake. Do whatever only after getting permission from wardens, students are not the ones to decide, blah blah blah...

Later Sree was acting each dialogue to us. Suddenly loudspeaker vibrated, “All students of I MA Communication please come to the office room”. We know for what it could be. Time was 11pm and many started sleeping. We managed to gather all 11 girls, the notorious of Gargi Bhavan. Holding the hands of half slept ones, we marched to warden’s office. Nimisha warned Sree not to go for any arguments as it would worsen the scene.

All three wardens were sitting like wrestlers getting ready to fight. Our own warden started the procedure pouring all blames to our department and faculties for giving us so much of freedom. Slowly other two wardens also joined the party. But our warden was on the peak asking us to write a letter indicating the position in notice board where CB has to be placed. Her explanation for this statement was, “You can directly point out where to place your CB, only here and Mythreyi Bhavan (UG girl’s hostel). May be in Gautama Bhavan too, you’ll have your classmates. What about other boy’s hostels, Nachiketas and Agastya Bhavanam? So it is better to give us a written letter”.

We nodded our head for each word she said though many of us were struggling hard not to giggle. As soon as wardens’ finished their firing, we walked back to our rooms. None of the other hostellers cared to stop and check what is going on because this firing was a daily scene.


  1. The best 'lifeless' piece I have read so far. If it was intended to make us smile, thumbs down. If it was a joke (or a funny moment shared), aah..should I laugh or should I frown? Though being a student of Amrita, subjected to all nasty disciplnary activities of hostel and college management, I fail to identify with the emotions shared here. So far, the best crappy piece produced by Roopa. Short in details, far from sketchy and forced reading. Only relief is the very less time taken to read this piece. If my comment looks bigger than her post, well that itself explains my current state after reading.

    Hoping that she won't work on stuff just for the sake of posting and keeping her blog running

  2. Thanks for the comment bro :)