Friday, February 4, 2011

Whistling Lords

Today I got nothing else to do except listening sounds around me. Sometimes I feel it is good to have a fever once in a while so that you will know what all is happening in your habitat! After 10am, all the houses will be empty unless if there are some retired officers.

Lying on my bed, I could hear crows crewing and dogs barking for no reasons. A famous cinema script writer used to be a regular visitor of next door. He and my neighbor used to go and buy fish together daily. This writer is a big chatterbox and so everyone knows when he is around.

Apart from these sounds, the peculiarity of this area is that it is near a railway track. Since this is a national rail route, trains will be running all across 24*7. The house will tremble whenever a train passes. In the beginning, I felt a little uneasy as the block shivered each time. Now I do enjoy listening to the whistling of the giant vehicle.

Not all trains travel with same speed. There are super fast trains dashing off, passengers crawling enjoying each second of its journey and other trains moving at an average speed. Some passengers stop here giving way to express trains. It reminds me of feudal era, where countrymen pave way to Lords. The speed of trains can be recognized with the shivering of the buildings. Sometimes the vibration may last long and most often it will last only for seconds.

Each train will have a story. If a train starts writing an autobiography, it will be quiet interesting to read. Stories of murder, though not purposefully; tales of turning coaches into labor rooms and many more… Hundreds of citizens depend on a train for their day-to-day transport. From beggars to ticket checkers, there are a big list of people who get their daily means of livelihood from a train.

Trains move from one station to another crossing boundaries of state, country and culture. Once again I could hear a whistle of train coming from a faraway land waving apart all the trees and obstacles in front like a feudal lord…

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