Sunday, February 13, 2011

Walking In Between

(Photo: Amith Sasi)

Walking through the lane,

Listening to the murmur!

One side it is still lake,

Other side it is monstrous sea.

Lights flickering around me

Crowd chatting all the way…

I’d see only smile and laughter,

Shallow and deep!

Like the phases of life

Silence and violence…

Last Friday I visited Beypore beach in Calicut. Apart from the usual wonders of the sea, this shore has another specialty. There is a lake which flows into sea. In between both, there is a bridge through which people can walk almost 1km. Street lights and seats on both sides of the bridge and brick pavement make it feel very special. More than that, what I felt amazing is that the lake stay silent on one end while other end it is mighty sea. Water hugging seashore and waves kissing stones gives it a romantic beauty. Wild wind from the seashore tempted me to fly like a feather; while the breeze from the lake shore swept my thoughts, worries and sorrows.

Street vendors with pop corns and ice creams were attracting kids and so making parents annoyed. The light house flashed light on each rounds of its turn. A few boats and ships were passing either quietly with dim lights or with full flashy lights and sounds. Gangs of youngsters were busy clicking snaps posing crazily. School kids on tour were walking in single lines maintaining equal distance as if they were going for the school assembly. When I reached at the end of the bridge, it was almost dark and sea was in its grand form. For a second, I wished to dive into the deep ocean and to be a part of that water realm. As I walked back, I could feel the quietness of the lake and the roar of the mighty water king…