Monday, February 28, 2011

Art of Enchantment

Advertising is actually enchanting people to use your product with colorful visuals or sweet words. More than a business promotion the ads now days add more emotional stuff making it more appealing. A mom is lovable only when she buys Johnsons baby products for her baby. With 100 years of tradition in business, they have really used the mom-baby relation through ads. Their commercials are well watched and appreciated. And the same way these products are always on the top in baby products’ market.

Similarly multi-national companies do add flavors of culture and traditions of each country in their local advertisements. When you see the ad of Sony TV, you can obviously notice that they never have an ad for India without elements highlighting the diverse culture of the country.

Apart from being emotional, ads also take the advantage of celebrities as their brand ambassadors. If you observe the energy drink ads, Boost can make your kid strong like Sachin Tendulkar! Another point to note is the growth of ‘brand culture’. Pizza should be bought only from Dominos or Pizza Hut since it is a branded shop. Even for hardware products or handbags, the brand name plays an important part in business. Youth runs behind brand products rather than quality. This is indeed a huge blow for small scale products. They too try to be ‘branded’ by giving emotional ads or promos.

Most of the common herds are unaware of these business tactics and thus they go to get ‘the soap used by Aiswarya Rai’ or ‘cell phone recommended by Sharukh Khan’. Seeing and enjoying ads as a means of recreation is fine. But never go behind a product because of its ad story line. Verbal assurance of your friend about a product is far better than a commercial. If you really love your family and dear ones, believe in quality only after using the product rather than the popularity of its ad…