Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To Be A Good Content Writer?

When I took a post graduation in Mass Communication, like any media student I thought I will be placed in either Times Of India or CNN-IBN (though there is still a chance). But the fate took me to another job which is content writing. Before entering this field, I had no knowledge about this profession. Today with an experience of almost two years, I know what the clients or boss want me to scribble. If you call this boasting, I must say you are mistaken. From lively hours at office to the role of freelance content writer, I have learned the various styles to convey ideas online. 

To be a good content writer, there are a very few simple techniques. I am not trying to give a tutorial that you could download and by heart. These are just a few informal tricks which I came to know by writing numerous articles for unknown clients.

  • Worship Google:
    Never think that I received credits for praising the search engine. Even while you have many other search engines, Google is the first name that comes to your mind always.
  • Trust WORD:
    More than any tool, Microsoft Word will help you to write better. I’d say that my vocabulary increased just because of using Word.
  • Letter Idea:
    First have a good idea of what you are going to present. Then writing is an easy task.
  • No Time Wastage For Research:
    You must analyze the matters before framing an article. However time is an important fact in this field. Take only 2-3 websites as your information source.
  • No Plagiarism:
    Taking information from other websites does not mean that you can directly copy-paste from it. There are a lot of technologies to check whether you have copied. Once you are caught, it means your client will not trust you again. As a safer side, letter the ideas in your own words.
  • Be Precise And Simple:
    The reading span of online readers is really low. If they cannot understand what your product offers, they have millions of other articles about countless products on internet. If you write in simple words, it can help readers to know well about your product.
  • Key Word:
    The keyword is the chief element in any writing. So make sure you use the exact keyword in your article.
  • Stick to Word Limit:
    Write according to the word limit asked by your client. Never exceed or cut the count of words. Yet a few words more or less are permissible.
  • Painless Life:
    Even if you are sick or depressed, never let your emotions enter into your article. Every time write how beautiful is the world when you use your client’s product.
All the above points are simply written from my experience. Most of all these, the passion for writing or work and the help from your friends can truly make you an expert content writer. I must say that I am thankful to my colleagues of previous office especially Basabi Chatterjee, Ayesha Banu, Roshna Balan, Nikhil and my former boss RK for their sincere efforts in guiding me!


  1. Good points! But you forgot about a main ingredient - Punctuality! You need to stick to your time limits as well.

    Anyways, Thanks for sharing the info...

    1. Thanks Nishedathi. Actually I thought of writing that too. But it is necessary for every work. So there is no need to mention about punctuality when you do a work coz it is understood

  2. tht was a good one roopa....thnx for sharing..

  3. Good work was really informative for me... thank u for dat :)

    1. I am also happy that it has helped people like you :)

  4. Useful Informative Article...thnx :)

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  6. Many years back I had signed up for content writing but for some reason I found it very difficult to do;-(.

    Your post was very informative, thanks...maybe I'll try again:-)).

    1. Nice to know that my post has inspired some people.

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