Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Revisit

 Image courtesy: Facebook

“Oh! She looks familiar…” I could see workers of green colored city buses of Kozhikode whispering to each other. I visited Kozhikode after many months and hence their smiles made me happy. The feeling that you are not at all a stranger in a place where you had lived for more than one year is really special. I am really thankful to the city for refining me. I’ve always felt that if I did not go to Kozhikode, I’ll be a silent girl even now. I’d never imagined in my whole life that I’d become a chatterbox like this. Anyway, yesterday I visited Kozhikode, a city with an essence of village. Here are a few typical scenes from Kozhikode:

  • Green buses are in a rush as usual
  • Railway station and bus stand are crowded with travelers
  • Enjoying a bright day, Mananchira Lake stays quiet and still
  • With huge wooden blocks floating, Kallai River reminds of its golden era as a timber hub
  • Parking spaces of hospitals are full with luxury cars
  • Auto drivers still maintain their trademark of friendliness
  • Street vendors busy with their business
  • Shelves of hotels are filled with fried snacks
  • Flower shows and cloth exhibitions in full swing
  • Huge banners of cultural meetings and party processions are found all over the city

      Whether it is long or short, journeys always tempt me to write. I might not scribble about tours and picnics I had. Instead some trips that draw memories will be posted here. Kozhikode is a city that made me dream, cry and live. Though it is just a 2 hour trip from my home, a travel to this place definitely cheers up my senses!    


  1. itz really feels good to go back to our memories... :) i can understand ur feelings or nostalgia... nice write up :)

  2. Love this city. Been here many times. Never lived there though. You write up is another inspiration to live there.

    1. Wow! Thats cool...I am glad that my post has inspired you :)

  3. Nice to read about this part of Kerala. A few more latest photographs would have made it more familiar.

    Thanks for sharing.

    PS. I had made spelling mistakes in the earlier comment.Had to delete it.

    1. Thanks for the comment...Actually I keep posting about Kozhikode once in a while with many pics! So I thought I would make this post a small one.

  4. Good Post.....Roopz..its really good...:)

    keep visit my blog amd comment -

    1. Thanks a lot...Yeah sure! I will visit your blog

  5. "Kozhikode, a city with the essence of a village" You said it. It is my favourite city.