Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sshhh...Its Ladies Talk

There are many things in the world that are considered as taboos to speak. Though most of them are now topics of discussions, menstruation is still a 'girl's talk' topic. Even the females who represent themselves as highly modern feel embarrassed to discuss this matter in front of their opposite gender.

According to Oxford dictionary, the word menstruate means "to lose blood once a month from the part of the body where a baby would develop (that is the womb)". Also called periods informally, this is such an activity, which is later responsible for giving birth to a baby. A girl is considered to be grown up once she has menstruation every month.

Even if, the world has developed so much, periods and sanitary napkins are subjects that are not exposed as serious topics of discussion. Just like the name of anti-hero of Harry Potter that should not be spelt and is addressed as 'You-Know-Who', females have to find alternate names for this process.

A lady during her monthly menstruation is considered as impure by many communities and is forbidden to enter places of worship. There are many sections that make her to sit inside a room for three days restricting all her freedoms. These cruel imprisonments happen even now.

Actually, is a lady with her monthly periods, an impure one? Long back,it was a rule created in favor of ladies to allow them to take rest for three days. But now these are burdens and are high time to throw of these old rules for woman to get empowered in all areas.

For the ladies to move up, they are the ones who should get rid of all these shyness. It is a biological process and so it has to be seen just like other activities of human body. After all, woman is never weak because she can bleed for a week in every month and still remain healthy!!!


  1. thanks for sharing the post. I too had restrictions in my home regarding that but i overcome all that.

  2. Yeah...Because we live in India, we are forced to follow the so called Indian culture...
    Nice to see that at least one dare to comment in this post...
    Thanks Kranthi!

  3. Thanks for your appreciation. I wanted to write about it, but didn't know how to go about it. Good that girls are coming forward and sharing these things with others. Though this is not a taboo but was made one. So, I hope over a period of time this taboo thing will vanish...:) Good post.

  4. Thanks Prashanth...
    Yeah...Girls are interested to discuss this issue...But the shyness hold them back. Also a thought of how guys will receive it make them speechless.

  5. I speak openly about it and blog openly about it. I do not keep well during periods and my manager at previous work place was such an asshole, he simply used to give women hard time if they take sick leave due to periods. He said, i do not care!

    However, Rohan, Prashanth blogged on these topics and it's good to read your post as well...


  6. Yeah...Its so great that these two guys wrote on this topic.Hope other members of male community will do the same in near future....

  7. Women those in the cities or professionals are quite open nowadays but not so in the interiors. Actually even educated people do not know about the reason of menstruating and hence the taboo. hope with time, this too will be overcome

  8. Exactly Bhagyashree...Time will make them understand!!!