Tuesday, July 7, 2015

City Dweller Village Girl

Your appearance and dialogues are perfect for a city dweller. You are doing injustice to yourself by a label 'village girl'- commented my colleague a few days back.

He is true to a certain extend. I keep my hair loose and perfectly shampooed. I apply make-up. I use large fancy earrings, bangles and chains. I'm active in social media over phone. I visit malls and wear modern outfit.

But way back, there was a village girl who tied her oiled hair as ponytail and wore only churidars while going out. I was shy then. I spoke quietly. Confronting before guys was a scary thing for me. I didn't talk or went out with them. Going for movies at cinema hall was a recreation for men in my village. Theaters even now is not a place for women to visit.

I started wearing jeans just five years back. At first, I found it odd. Now I'm absolutely comfortable with that costume.

However during my visit to my hometown, I wear churidars only with shawl 'neatly' pinned. Malls are just for window shopping. I still love to buy things from street-vendors. Visit to theaters have become a hobby for me. Along with pizzas or burgers, I like to eat banana fries, hot dosas from eateries and laddu!

Deep inside, village girl still survives. I must admit parties make me worried as I find myself estranged and outcast. My life and identity revolves around my little green village.  


  1. I wanna see you in makeup gal.... waaaay to gooo!!! It doesn't matter you turn into a city girl or a village girl... what matters is the person you are from inside... and you have always been around... miss you gal.... love you "my teddy bear"!!!