Thursday, December 9, 2010

Colours of VIBGYOR

Weekend journeys to home, hang outs with my classmates, treats and celebrations, singing, dancing and bunking classes (even my uncle’s lecture)… I enjoyed my UG days to the fullest. Those days also made me know the essence of student politics, both positive and negative sides. My course also had many exciting things to do as practical. As a part of the curriculum I translated a short story, poem and drama, interviewed two eminent personalities and took two hours class in a high school. Functional English, my course program demanded us to go out and work rather than sitting inside classes. We also did a short film BLACKBOARD.

However the best moments in my BA was participating in VIBGYOR International Film Festival ‘08 conducted by Chetana Media Institute, Thrissur. Sreekrishna College was undertook its media department. Rupesh sir was our head. He made me the chief editor and chief reporter. I was assigned to meet all the eminent personalities, write reports of important films exhibited there and correct other’s news stories. It was a four day program. There were three venues for the fest; Chetana Institute, Sahitya Academy Hall and Town Hall. We ran from one to another.

A tent was given in Town Hall for us to assemble and carry out our works. Accommodation was provided in KTDC Yatrinivas from where we had to move at 7.30 am and will be back only by 11pm after a day’s hectic work. I, Remya, Sulthana and Sherhana were in one room. Though job was tiresome, we’d lots of fun and entertainment. The studio for our short film was Chetana. So I knew most of the people there. Cameramen Rijo and Kiran started teasing me saying I look like a drunkard Bengali Director who attended the fest.

Rupesh Sir asked me to attend an award winning short film. It was about the misuse and wastage of water around the world. When he said there is no one better then me to report that picture, I could sense his confidence in me. I couldn’t believe, the next day, my report came in almost all Malayalam dailies. I had to withdraw after three days because of dehydration and heavy fever. Later Sir told I’d a wonderful opportunity to interview many big-heads in which I remember only director Shyamaprasad’s name. He also added he didn’t send anyone else as he was not ready to take a chance.

That was indeed a very huge honor for a silent village girl like me…!!!


  1. wah congrats poochakutty..really memorable moments.u should write more abt our those wonderful 3 years, missing like any thing man.even i, sometimes feeling like writing memoirs. u forget ur GREAT friends?

  2. Thanks dear... Will do in some day