Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Look Out of Barkha

The house of media has emerged as a powerful institution in the country. Commoners believe media than rulers. It is visible from the news reports that leaders especially in the field of politics never try to harass media. Because they are sure of its result; a big collapse in ballot votes! Though it is a matter of argument, the election results are to a great extend decided by the approach of media. They have a lion’s share to divert the voice of mass for or against a party or a politician.

Big firms launch a channel or journal as a side business simply for fame. The key intention of these houses will be to grab maximum profit. This pave way for what is called paid journalism. A rewarded story is against the media ethics of being impartial. Once it is caught, the faith of public in Fourth Estate that is getting tangled. And the trust which is knocked down is not built within a single day; it was the effort and struggle of lakhs of true journalist for many years!

Nation is blaming the whole media fraternity because some big heads have been accused of being involved in 2G spectrum case. It is not just a Barkha Dutt or Vir Sanghvi who represent the entire journalist community. Also one should remember, the media persons carried out this issue. If every individual in the field goes behind money, then the issue will not come to limelight. Except a few rotten eggs, majority of the workers in publishing and broadcasting field are committed to the real rulers of democracy-the general public of India.