Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Sweet Angels

I have 13 angels around me whom I once loved more than my life. My strength, my weakness, my pride, my power, my soul…. They were everything for me. I lived for them. I thought they’ll be there with me in every walk of life. I tried to hold them as one; made them close to one another. When they said they will stay as one and gave me the credit for my efforts, I found it the biggest appreciation I’d ever received. I helped everyone to solve their problems and little clashes between them.

These angels are my cousins and I once called them my best friends. We are 14 including me and 10 are of same age. There are singers, comedians, artists, chatter boxes and a few silent ones too in this group. Everyone outside were jealous of our unity which we enjoyed. Messages, calls and meeting them made me feel like heaven. I thanked God many times for blessing me with these cousins.

One day everything turned upside down. A heavy storm took away our umbrella and we had to run away in different directions. I made an effort to re-unite. One of my cousins stopped me saying they should not be called as friends and should not be tied up as one; they are simply my brothers and sisters. Then only I realized they had marked a clear border line between cousinship and friendship. I too have to live like that!

We did not have any get-together later. Even when some cousins come to my grand ma’s house, I never joined. I’m not doing it purposefully. Now my days are different. They had disappeared from my prayers and to say the truth, I feel a little uneasy while talking to some of them.

It doesn’t mean I hate them. They were my first friends who made my childhood days so colorful. I’ll be there for them again if they need any help because though cousins can’t be friends; a friend can never be a cousin. Love you all my sweet angels!!!

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