Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm In Love

I know I’ve lot many options around me and still I stick on him. Once you feel affection for a person he’ll be the best. Regarding this person, he is the most charming person I’d ever known. His naughty smile can drag the hearts of females. He is very much concerned about his dear ones. Birthday of him is celebrated in a very grand manner in India. I love to celebrate the festival just because it is his day of birth.

At times I do get angry too when he doesn’t mind me and will be busy smiling at other ladies. And also quiet often he doesn’t care my wishes. He acts as if he can’t understand my feelings, happiness and sorrows. But it happens only rarely. Except then, I’d share even the deepest secret of mine with him.

Loneliness in Amrita made me close to him. I’ve a picture of him with me. I used to tell all my worries and anxieties to him. However that idiot only smiles at me and never utters a word. Still I’m sure he listens to me. Again his smile assures me, he’ll be there with me through out my life. Whatever people call him let it be flirt, liar or irresponsible; I don’t care all that. I’m committed to him for all what I’ve and I can do now.

Yet I can’t call him my sweetie… I’m forced to address him as Lord Krishna-the invisible and powerful Almighty!!!