Friday, December 10, 2010

Bloggy Trend

MA Communication 2008-2010, the notorious batch of School of Communication (my class!!!) had some active trends always. Trends are not supposed to stay long; and so we keep shifting from one to another. Started with Orkut, then Style fm, buzz and the latest being hyper active in Facebook.

In between, there was a trend of creating blogs and talking high about blogging. For that we don’t have a long history to boast upon. Majority began writing blogs just one year before. May be, it will be a record that such many number of blogs came out from a single classroom within a week. Whenever I start talking on this topic, Anees used to say he credits for setting such a trend among us. Whatever it is, he began blogging long before. He requested us to read as soon as he posts something new in his blog. We also did the same when we entered the world of blogspot. There were some friends who laughed at us on this ‘stupid activity’ and later became active bloggers.

When I went through all those blogs, I thought of writing a few words on each. Usually I mention about me only in the last lines. This time let me begin with mine. I started blogging to post my unedited version of the reports done for campus journals. Later I tried a hand in poems and scribbling some funny stuff. Residing in a rural area, I found no better name than Voice of a Village Girl (… Most commented post is ‘Crazy Classmates of Communication’, again about these guys only.

My Work is My Style is the blog that has maximum followers from our batch ( Blogger’s name is Anees. He is a creative genius (my usual comment) who had done nice ads. He has posted some of his works (SAVE TIGER CAMPAIGN). His sense of humor is clearly seen in his Malayalam post, Where ever you go.... He has also written a few articles on sports. The blog has a good pleasant layout.

Random Thoughts…Life Revolves Around, the title itself is very interesting ( A princess of words, Vidya is its owner. The blog has a colorful layout and vibrant topics. There are funny ('Mess'y fooooood !), emotional (Loneliness !) and serious articles (Fair sex, unfair ride) in it.

The first thing you’ll notice while checking out Love is a magic...but magic is sometimes just an illusion... is its title image ( The picture compliments the title so well. Nimisha has added her favorite print ads, a poem (I wish if I could...), a nostalgic note (D countdown begins.....) and some serious features (Commercialisation of Dance ).

Renjith V P: passion to exist for a fresh tomorrow, contains everything in its name itself. To describe further, it has a subtitle “A blog created to share news and info about my works, a place to share my thoughts, my ecstasies and eccentricities” (! There are many gadgets used in this blog. The posts include some pictures taken by Renjith, reviews of short films he had done and other works. In his blog, I like Faces of Life the most. It is a collection of his photos in various styles.

Then comes Lyf is a spark from womb to tomb, Shahista’s blog ( Her opening words truly depict her personality, “It's not the possession of good things that bring happiness. It is the ability to enjoy what comes. Happiness is an attitude. This is what I believe in”… Though she loves fun a lot, she prefers writing serious matters (Keep yourself away from Alzheimers, Locked up in wedlock). However there are one or two soft stories too (Enjoy Rain to the Fullest). She is an active blogger. If she takes care of the background theme and gadgets a little more seriously, I think it can come out as a great one.

Sreelakshmi has two blogs; Dont Stop Dreaming ( and Exclusive and Controversial ( First one doesn’t have any posts in it and the second has two poems. She is a good poet. I don’t know when she’ll open up her blogs and start writing again. Waiting for that day!!!

Denny opened a blog; I would sooner fail than not be among the greatest ( I love its title and snaps in it. It contains reviews of short films he had acted in last two years. Meenakshi’s blog Innocent Heart Speaks has a cute profile picture and a philosophical intro. It contains one hard story, a soft story and a poem ( In love with life in this crazy world!!! is Varsha’s blog. It contains two posts (

Many couldn’t write for so long as they don’t get time after their hectic works. Still hope they’ll scribble a few words once in a while!


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