Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jobless Creature

You still didn’t get a job!!! Why are you sitting simply… go for some work, don’t sit idle at home. Lazy girl, if you try hard you’ll get one!

This is what I’ve been hearing from day to night; the so called valuable advices from my beloved friends and known ones. I wonder whether these people don’t have any other matter to ponder.

There are many in my chat list who daily enquires the same giving a bundle of advice. Earlier I used to be invisible while I’m online. Later I found a better way. I blocked those who irritated me too much. The action gave me great satisfaction.

Another section asks me to wear the costume of a teacher. It’ll be the worst profession that fits to my character though I do respect the profession. Again if I wanted to work as a lecturer, I won’t have made the effort to do masters in mass communication.

Experts in the field too say the take off has a good significance. A start in a good company will give you the best carrier. Whenever a job slips out of my hand, I think the best one is yet to come!!!

And many times I put an end to my friends’ blabbering by asking them to start a media company to remove my change my status of being jobless…

(I didn’t intend to hurt anyone. This is simply an expression of my frustrations.)


  1. dnt worry not take those comments seriously.. i also gone through the same situation and i wondered some times y the hell these people were so worried that i did nt gt any jobs? It is a part and parcel of life that evry one has come through once.. So dnt worry.. as you said some good opening is waiting for you only, some where... So wait till that oppertunity knocks your door. All the best. :)

  2. “ Swalpa lunatic, Swalpa spicy ”

    Das aka Chathan
    All India Jobless Guys & Galz Association.

  3. 5th para, Second sentence... sathyamano???

  4. that's what experts said to me :)