Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hang out @ ASCOM

The editing room of ASCOM is where many activities take place at a time. The room has a TV which will be switched on by ASCOMERS to watch their favorite shows. It turns to BBC or CNN as soon as a faculty enters the room. Animation and web classes are also conducted in that small room. There are ten computers bearing separate passwords. All the equipments like camera, tripod and so many bags are kept there.

The room is also the workplace of Binoy Sir, a rare character whom you won’t find elsewhere. He does wonders with still camera He will be always busy shouting or arguing with fellow students for not folding and holding the wires properly. Sreelakshmi used to be his much loved prey. Else it will be Arya. Don’t know who have replaced them now!!!

A computer placed on the extreme end of the room near the window is a common system. Enjoying the cool breeze and the sight of green hills, browsing from there is a different experience altogether.

Editing room is a favorite hang out place for Ascomers. Friends used to chill out here cracking jokes and passing comments at juniors. Ascom couples also prefer that room to save themselves from the ‘security forces’ waiting outside. There will be another set of Ascomers doing page-lay out for their newspaper playing hide and seek from other faculties. Once in a blue moon, there will be Vinod Sir in that room taking classes for his beloved students.

During the last days of semesters, the computers for editing will be fully occupied by the ambitious students of the department to meet Rakesh Sir’s deadline. That’s the only time they do work; hard work!

In short, editing room is the entertainment room of the department except in the final days of a semester...

(I know it is not the same now with studio coming to the scene. But I love to remember all those in present tense tone.)


  1. he he ....... it is really nostalgic dear.. feel like missing those days very badly.... what ever internal conflicts we had...... it is the most enjoyable time in the life... keep posting.

  2. hahaha...and the sad thing is now that room has been split into several cabins for faculties

  3. hey..reallly cooooooolll...was just remembring our old golden days...hmmm....