Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let me fly to wake this world...

After heavy thunder,
After so many months,

After enough prayers,

It's raining today...

Every impurities are washed off !

Each leaf is cleaned out !

I feel the freshness,

I feel the aroma of wet soil !

I'm excited,
I wanted to enjoy!

My doors are closed.

My wings are tied tight.

I can't move my legs.

I can't choose anything.
No one answers my questions,

All blame me for bothering.

If I go out,I may sing and dance !

If I'm out,I may haul !

That may wake the sleeping world.

So I'm in cages !!!

Let me shout,

Let the world open its eyes,

Let me free,

Let this ladybird enjoy this rain...


  1. Seasons have to change…
    The streams of life have to purify you…?
    If you are not ready to accept the pain of winter,
    How can the spring bloom in you…?

    Once again the cage theory works…!!! Freedom is your birthright. Then how can those so-called moralists impose something on you or theft your freedom. I think you are ready to compromise with them. That’s why your sweet language hides the bitter pills. If you want to play in rain, then your brave heart will say ‘moral policing is unacceptable…!!!’.