Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Endangered Writing

Now days, I can’t write anything. I can only type my ideas with the help of keyboards. Writing has become a tough task. So I wonder, may be after a few generation, people won’t know how to hold a pen. Verbal usage, sentence constructions and spellings are corrected by computers. As we now never care to remember any one’s phone number when cell phones with huge phone books came to the scene, within no time there won’t be a need to learn the spellings as machines are there with auto correction keys. Again SMS mania has reduced the quality of language. No one bother whether their messages are grammatically correct. Machines can reduce paper wastage and there by prevent deforestation. But the art of writing is getting endangered.


  1. I do believe language is for communication. If a well constructed sentence fails to do so, then language has no benefit. Are you looking backward…?

  2. very true.."art of writing on paper " is almost vanished..