Saturday, August 14, 2010

Amma’s birthday, a videographer’s note

I and my friends had almost finished packing for going home for Pooja holidays. It was then we were asked to go to Amritapuri the same day to cover Mata Amritanandamayi’s birthday. All we six were almost shattered with that news. We tried all possible way to get out of it, nothing worked out.

With all our frustrations, we started our journey along with other volunteers. There were around 500 students from Ettimadai campus and a large number of faculties and other staff. Twenty buses with all these volunteers, utensils and furniture moved from Coimbatore to Kollam at 9pm.

We reached Amritapuri early morning. It was just another world I could see there. I still admire the dedication and sincerity of volunteers (which was our news story). Wearing different uniforms and bearing same identity, all were so enthusiastic and energetic.

It was an energy booster for us also. We ran with the camera all around and covered every programs going on. The program at night was a grand one where around 5 lakh people attended. In that function, ‘Vidyamritam’ scholarships for poor school children were given away. Governor RS Gavai and actor Mohanlal were the chief guests. Soon after the function, we left Amritapuri. On my way home, my mobile started vibrating. It was a call from my friend asking how the function was! I replied, “I just loved it. Now I don’t regret for ‘spoiling’ my Pooja holidays. The place is superb and everything is just amazing. Even the chocolate shake we had from the nearby shop!!!”


  1. ini enjoy cheythunnu paranjal mathi....
    ini sathyam parayam...njangal boys vidagdhamayi kalichathukondu njangalku pokendi vanilla....
    we tried to save pappu too...but he dint understand the game... aliyans roks

    very good keep up the spirit