Saturday, August 14, 2010

Heera-My friend

I’m addicted to social networks very badly. Especially in Orkut, I love searching friends and joining communities. During one of my search, I found Dr. Heera Namboothiri’s profile. She is the winner of first Vanitaratnam, a reality show in Amrita TV for mothers.

For me, she is the first celebrity whom I interviewed. I went to meet her three years back as a part of my class project. I was little tensed as it was my first interview and that too with a celebrity who had just won a reality show that created revolution in the field of Malayalam television. But, she is a very reasonable lady, so humble and simple. Without any cosmetics, wearing a Kerala sari, she talked to me as a very common Malayali housewife. She said everything is God’s grace while showing me the diamond crown she was awarded.

She belongs to a Brahmin family in which ladies do not come in forefront even now. When I asked about that, she said she had inspired many females from her community who were only confined in concerts to come up and present themselves in open stages.

All those memories flashed in my mind for a second. I decided to send a friendship request to Dr. Heera. To my surprise, she remembers me and accepted my request. Though she is busy now doing her Masters in Medicine, I’m sure my ‘friend’ can climb more high as she has a very good caliber and potential.