Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Politics Behind Peace

It is always a matter of dispute whether politics can bring happiness for an individual. Opinion may vary, but for me, when I talked to my friend who was once a student leader, I’d to change my opinion. You should be ready to quit the role as politician as soon as you feel you would be thrown out.

Now listen to the story of my friend… He was my undergraduate classmate, a real comrade who always reacted both vocally and physically against anything that is unjust. His eyes had a spark that talks everything. Though the stout guy had an image of ‘high tempered youth’, he was well behaved and so a popular figure in the campus.

As an after effect of a political conflict in the college, he had to withdraw from everything. Now he is busy with his family business and agriculture. He doesn’t have the stamp of politician. He is now with his family as their lovable son. He can now sense the comfort at home.

I asked him, which is better, life of a politician or the present one. His answer was sudden, “No doubt, it’s the present life. Now I’ve peace in my life”.

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