Monday, October 4, 2010

Demanding D

In Guruvayur, hotel business is the most profitable one. Even when it does not have anything special, people are ready to occupy the rooms. Surprisingly the room which has the highest demand is simply a small one, not even spacious.
Yes! People used to book room number D in Jayashree lodge in advance. And when you enter the room you may get surprised what is so special about this room. A small family room with two tiny windows and a dressing room. The room doesn't even have a plug to charge your cell phone. Also you will be welcomed by heavy mosquito bites.
However the best thing that you would get is a feeling that you are inside the temple, just near Lord Guruvayurappan. You can directly view everything in the temple through the tiny window. This makes it the room with highest demand thouh it costs only Rs 275 for a day to stay there. "People used to call up and book the room from all districts of Kerala", says attender Omana. "For last 40 years, whenever I come for darshan, I stay here. I can't imagine staying in any other rooms." says Kalyani Amma from Malappuram.
But Room number D can hold its head high only for a period of three months from now. The lodge owned by thantri of Guruvayur temple, itself will be demolished within that time span for making out a wider temple courtyard. Till its last breathe, both the hotel as well as that special room will help its guests to have a fine darshan with the mantra 'OM NAMO BAGAVATHE VASUDEVAYA'

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