Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why Do People Scrap?

“Because I can stay in touch with my friends dragged me to these social sites” opines Abhisek, an MBA student. The degree of proximity or the feeling that we are always with our dear ones makes social networking sites much popular among youngsters. Whether you are in US, UK or Saudi Arabia, it allows you to know what your friend in Calicut does.

“I simply join when I get requests from my friends” says Aravind who has joined too many social sites, many of the names which he even can’t remember. Social networks have become a part of present society’s daily life. The numbers of such sites are growing so fast each day.

In India, Facebook, Twitter and Orkut lead with maximum number of users. Apart from sending messages (also called as tweet, comment, scraps), these sites also allow you to upload and share photos and videos with others. Simple games and horoscopes also add fun in many sites. It also let you to join communities or groups having a common interest and discuss your opinion with other members. There is a chance for you to follow celebrities in sites like Twitter. In that case, you don’t have to go through their speeches to know more about them. They will let you know through their ‘tweets’. Tweet-fights among celebrities are nothing new today. Gmail and Yahoo have come out with Buzz and My Yahoo to compete with other social network sites.

The criticism against these sites is, it is increasingly making people addicted to it spending hours wasting their time and energy. In the present state, most of the individuals busy with their own business live alone in their rooms communicating with no one. At times he needs to mingle with some one. So if something can make him feel his friend is sitting and chatting next to him or his parents caring as if he is in home, no one can blame… After all, human was, is and will remain as a social animal. We can’t separate society from us. So keep buzzing, tweeting and scraping….


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