Thursday, October 21, 2010


When her mom gave her that golden ring, she knew it will be the end of a revolution. She had worn it only for a function. But it was the climax of a rebellious movement, first of its kind in the state.

In January 2008, a group of girls from Department of English in Sreekrishna College Guruvayur, decided to boycott gold ornaments. To spread the message, they gathered under the banner LES MISERABLES. They conducted a huge campaign taking oaths. All major media covered with great importance.

A few boys also joined swearing they will marry without asking a single penny as dowry. They issued a news letter with the same name LES MISERABLES. Highlighting the issues of girls in colleges, they came out with a short film BLACK BOARD. The film received a couple of awards and appreciations in many film fests.

The group received with harsh comments from their own friends and college mates. They were suffered a huge set back from society. They seemed to be determined with their decision.

As days passed, they started wearing golden rings, chains and ear studs. The people, who were in the forefront, were the first ones to wear it. “I had been tracking all the news on Les Miserables from day one itself. Sadly, I also knew the kids won’t be able to carry the ideals with them for so long. However I appreciate them for taking such an initiative.” Says Indu, an advocate from Kannur.

Now the organization is almost dead. The only thing that remains is a community in Orkut. No one knew it has turned to ashes. As always, revolutions start with a big bang and vanish in silence…

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