Friday, October 22, 2010

A friend in need is my sister indeed

You’ll never know who is there with you until the day you find the days are blank. For last couple of months, my life was in such a situation. Broken dreams and poor health made my nights sleepless. I traveled aimlessly. Sun, moon and whole universe seem to be laughing at me. My depression pulled off writing skills. Words used to chock in my mind as I start to write something. The only writings I’d manage to do were some poems about loneliness.

It was then I found a friend. Actually she is with me from my childhood days. Now I realize when I complaint about my loneliness, she used to listen it with a smile. By the way her name is Jyothi, my cousin. Ayyo! If I call her my cousin, she is going to kill me. She is my sweet sister. Her care and affection is amazing. Once you meet her, you’d never ever forget her. Her love is so sweet and innocent. I’m really lucky to have her as my best friend. Also I regret for not choosing her to share my tears and smiles till now.

Now back to the beginning, she made me realize such a character doesn’t suit me. According to her, this is not my real self. There are many who like my real character very much. Listening to her words made me think. I’ve changed a lot. I used to make at least one friend a week. I was very active in social networks and communicated well with everyone. Then I somehow moved away from everything. She also asked me to write. She scolded me in spoiling my skill to express through words.

Yes! If can’t draw pictures with these words, it means I’m dead. I’m not much good in writing. I don’t know the art of writing. Jotting down whatever I feel give me satisfaction and relief.

At present, I’m back in the starting point. I too want to be in the race…this is not an assurance, but a promise to my sweet sister; my best friend!

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