Sunday, October 17, 2010

Current Shock

It was a dry evening. I and My friend Sreelakshmi were very thirsty and planned to drink some cool drinks from college canteen. We can’t expect anything more than frooti, appy or LMN. Surprisingly we saw a small red tin with a ‘name board’ CURRENT.

Wow! A new drink in the campus was a matter of surprise for both of us. “Shall we give a try?” Sree asked in her usual excited tone. Whatever I and Sree experimented were all flops- Chattinad Dosa, Black Olive, Grape soda…list will go on! I remembered all these; but we were damn thirsty.

It costs Rs.50…we somehow managed to take out the money. Finally we bought CURRENT and were eager to taste. We didn’t expect a flavor less than coke or sprite. Sree took the risk of tasting it first. Oops! Why her expression suddenly changed?

Well, let me also try. Shit! How can we call it a soft drink...? It smells and tastes worse than cough syrups.

Anyway we bought it, we have to finish it. Luckily we saw Meenakshi sitting outside with her friend Kishor. Let her also bear the thrill of this drink. We happily rushed towards her and told her a fine made up story of how good is CURRENT. She said she is not interested to drink. It was my first meeting with Kishor. We offered it to him. Oh! He wants to taste… After having a sip, he also gave the same expression as ours.(Though he regretted later for tasting it without listening what his friend had to say, that encounter made us good friends). Meenakshi smiled and said, “My dear idiots! are you guys mad to buy this stupid thing? If I’d have known, I’d have stopped you. Arey, we used to get this drink for 5 Rs in Mumbai footpath”.

Nothing more to say, the CURRENT really gave use a shock which we won’t forget in this life time...


  1. If sreelakshmi is there... one or other stupid thing will happen..for sure

  2. hahaha...experience is the best teacher...

  3. CURRENTum SHOCKum oke medichadikkano... Sreelakshmiyodu paranjirunnel aduthulla bareennu FULLu medichu tharathillyo...???