Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Vishu

Facebook or other social networking sites can always give a virtual presence of your dear ones. However, there is a big difference between virtual and real world. Actual company of people is more precious than online presence. Celebrations and festivals are meant for such get together.

Malayalees celebrate Vishu today. Vishu marks the beginning of an agricultural season. Mainly there are two festivals in Kerala namely Vishu and Onam. Both these are related to agricultural seasons of this area. Vishu celebrations start by Vishukani followed by Vishu kaineetam. Crackers and sadya add flavors to this festival.

Like every Vishu eve, I couldn’t sleep yesterday. Even though I see the same kani on Vishu each year, it is exciting all the time. With closed eyes, I have to walk all the way to Pooja room and open my eyelids in front of a decorated Lord Krishna statue. Also there will be a few other materials including gold, money and a few agricultural products. The main highlight of kani is kanikonna, a flower that blooms only in hot summer.

Vishu is a time for family members to enjoy themselves together. For kids, it is the best day of their summer vacation. Compared to last years, this time the number of crackers is small. The prize hike is the main reason. This high cost has adversely affected the Vishu celebrations. Medical experts say the fireworks can remove the pollutants and infection from the environment. Apart from providing entertainment, it is also healthy.

Once every celebration, prayer and life was dedicated to crop cultivation. So above everything, Vishu reminds us that we had an agricultural tradition.

Wishing all my readers and friends a Happy Vishu!


  1. happy vishu dear... i miss the sadhya!

  2. My yesterday was almost like yours- slept to little and woke up before dawn. Fire works, vishukkani , temple visit, sadhya orukkam, playing with children, et-al. kept me busy all this while. Feels so happy to be back home after so many yrs on vishu.
    Have fun roopz. Ennennum kanikandunaran, orayiram namakal nerunnu.Vishudinasamsakal.

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    1. Thanks Gayathri and belated wishes to you too

  4. interesting post on vishu

    thanks for sharing