Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Confessions of a Facebook Addict

Breaking the silent moments of power cut yesterday, I heard a conversation between two guys in the street: “What the hell! I’d send a friendship request and she rejected it”…! These kinds of talks are nothing new today. When you see a person posing before the camera, automatically you’ll think ‘it is going to be his/her new DP (Display Picture)’!

Facebook and other social networking sites have made a huge impact on the thoughts and activities of the present generation. Kids studying in third or fourth standard will have an FB account. Any child can create a profile by just giving a fake date of birth. When a group of youth gathers, their main topic of conversation will be about Facebook.

I must say I am a person who is known among my friends as an FB addict. I was an introvert in my school days. In my primary school days, pupils there rarely know me. Sometimes I felt ashamed of being a silent girl. The sense of loneliness depressed me in my teenage days. Slowly, Orkut gave me a platform to chat with my friends. But in that, we could only reply to the scraps send to us.

After my studies, a few of my friends introduced me to a new social networking site named FACEBOOK! Exploring new sites is my hobby. In the beginning I didn’t like the whole concept of publicizing the status messages. However, my friends told I’ll like it very soon. Their prediction is right and now I am a well known ‘Facebooker’ among my friends. Within two years, I’d experiment every app in Facebook except business deals and games (I hate to go through these two sections).

Now I realize I transformed myself to a personality that I always dreamed of. I wished to be an individual who love to express my ideas and gather friends. Check out a few lessons I have learned from my Facebook life:

  • Facebook encourages expression. Still, posting too much emotional stuff will make your friends bored. If you really want to express your emotions, start a blog.
  • Add strangers as friends only if you feel they are trustworthy. This point is very important in case of ladies. Cyber offense is the most dangerous and deadly crime in the world that is increasing day by day. Again, subscribe only to verified accounts of celebrities.
  • Even though majority of the Facebook users are females, many don’t know how to handle it. Make sure that your account is well protected. I’d suggest females to lock their albums and contact details in Facebook.
  • Join groups and pages that you feel you should be a part of! I regret for joining many pages in FB. So I used to leave groups if I don’t find it good.
  • Finally, spend some time to read good articles and features. It is through FB I come to know the latest updates of the world.

FB can be used for personal or business purpose. Facebook is a wonder that will provide you surprises whenever you log in. On the other hand, do realize that it is a virtual world and nothing is real in it. The virtual personality should not interfere the original YOU!


  1. good one roopz...fb has its own merits and it is said that everything in this world comes bundled,with both good and bad in a bundle...extract the good and excrete the u rightly remarked...The virtual personality should not interfere the original YOU!

    1. Thanks for the comment Vinod Bhattathiripad

  2. Great write up Roopz. And useful tips on how we can handle FB better.

    P.S. I didn't know majority of FB users were women. I thought that was the case with Pinterest :)

    1. Thanks Vishal...The points I had mentioned here are those that I myself had experienced :)