Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Krishna's Birthday

Birthday of Lord Krishna is always a favorite day of celebration for me. Despite the fact that I hate him for leaving Radha, I’m a die-hard fan of Krishna. From the stories of grand ma, I started knowing him. Actually when you address God, you are supposed to use ‘Him’ instead of ‘him’. However, I see him as my friend to whom I can tell anything. It is believed that Krishna will test his devotees in many ways to know whether they are true worshipers. Similarly he tests me too by offering me wonderful objects. When I’m about to hold it, he takes it back…

Coming back to Janmashtami, this day has presented me special moments always. Two years back, I celebrated Krishna’s birthday in my college. It is known as Gokulashtami in that campus. The pomp and show with which it is celebrated there is really stunning. Processions of each department with plots of Krishna, dancers and other performers make it a huge event. After the procession and feast, various sports and cultural fests are conducted. Being the cultural representative of my class (the senior most batch), I’d to co-ordinate the students of my department. It was for the first time our department was permitted to take part in the procession. We presented a scene of geethopadesam. Though, we can’t credit it as a best plot, as a first attempt it was good.

Temples can give you relief, both mental and physical… Whenever I’m at home, I celebrated Ashtamirohini (Janmashtami) in my family temple. This time too, I’d a graceful time. A dip in the pond to wash away inner and outer impurities, a few hours in our family temple, aroma of fresh flowers, sandals and agarbathis Whole temple glowed in the golden light of lamps... The whole idol was decorated with colorful garments, ornaments and sandal paste... No disturbance of cell phones, internet, TV or even electricity...Everybody was quiet praying silently or chanting the sacred mantra, "Om Namo Narayanaya"... Truly Holy!


  1. The beauty of Krishnaavatar is that Krishna can be your friend, child, shelter and what not. No other avataram or Sankalpam has this flexibility. Perhaps that's the beauty of Krishna! And may be that's why we all can claim Krishna to be our own!!!

  2. AMAZING...........

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