Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Lunatic Call

No one to tell,

No one to listen,

Everything is slipping out,

Everyone is busy in their world!

I still live in that dream,

I still wish to chase that dream…

Like a stray dog,

Running for no reason!

Why can’t I go back?

Do I remember the way back?

Walls and gates are built,

To keep me away…

I’m the culprit,

I’m the accused,

I walked away

For a better life…

Boldness has vanished,

Belief in me is missing,

I smile as I can’t cry,

I live as I can’t die…

Singing like an insane,

Silent like a dump,

Hope not to end my life,

Howling in an asylum…


  1. What Happened????So much of despair!!!

  2. Badly need a break...For a fresh beginning...

  3. Entha chechi amritha vittitum samkadam mariyille?

  4. Good question...Amritayil ninnumalle nammal depression enthanennu arinjathu...It will haunt us and certainly it takes time to get rid of it...